Microsoft doesn’t support Firefox?

Darren Barefoot notes "I guess Microsoft doesn't want my money."

This pisses me off.

If I were Bill Gates I'd issue a memo that said "any team that ships without Firefox support automatically gets 3.0s for all members."

"Huh?" I'm sure there are more than a few people who don't agree with me. After all, if you live in Atlanta, you are supposed to drink Coca Cola products, right? If you live in Redmond, you're supposed to only care about Microsoft's stuff, right?

That idea and belief must be washed from our corporate culture. It's going to be a hard thing to beat. But beat it is VERY important.

Why? Because a high percentage of influentials are Firefox users.

In other words, if you want the most passionate people in society to use your stuff, you must support Firefox.

I was talking with Scott Isaacs about this today (he's the guy who is building the framework that runs Windows Live). He totally believes in supporting Firefox.

He's fighting for this too. I think it's time to say it publicly.

I won't link (or say anything nice) to any Windows Live service that doesn't support Firefox.

And, note, that doesn't mean I don't think IE 7 rocks.