Montana’s big success story

When I was in Montana I kept hearing about RightNow. Everyone there is proud of the company and its success, particularly at the TechRanch where I had lunch on Thursday. Now I see Tom Foremski writing about Greg Gianforte, RightNow's CEO, and his new book. Added to my reading list.

I'd love to meet Greg too. Sounds like a real interesting guy. It's hard enough to make a successful startup happen in Silicon Valley where there's lots of entrepreneurial support around (and a deep geek culture) but it's gotta be 10x harder to make happen in Montana (fewer people live in the entire state than live in San Jose, for instance).

You'll be hearing a lot more about RightNow Technologies, I predict.

How you know you’re in Silicon Valley

Car with geeky bumper sticker

I saw a good example of why I knew I was in Silicon Valley this weekend. This car, in front of me, had a bumper sticker that said, simply:

There's no place like

What's worse, is I knew just what it meant. 🙂

I'm still trying to figure out, though, why a Gnome was in Montana. Maybe they'll come to Gnomedex? (This was shot on a car outside the hospital in Billings, MT, where my mom was staying).

Gnome car

I missed the first virtual BarCamp

Wow, I missed the first Virtual BARcamp, hosted by Eric Rice. Luckily Scott Beale was there with his virtual camera. Inside joke, Scott can always be seen at Silicon Valley geek events with his very cool Canon camera.

Trivia? What does "BAR" stand for? Bay Area Rejects. The whole BARcamp movement started after a few geeks in the Bay Area didn't get invites to Tim O'Reilly's FOOcamp (FOO stands for "Friends Of O'Reilly").

Me? I'm having an AFD-BBQ on July 2 after Gnomedex. What does that stand for? Alimony Freedom Day. 🙂 I can't get everyone in, but if you wanna come, drop me an email.

Update: there's even a Flickr feed for the virtual BARcamp.

One thing I notice? Way too clean. The real BARcamps have sleeping bags, pizza boxes, T-Shirt boxes, and lots of other geek detritous lying around.