Trackback spam is going crazy

I'm seeing a ton of trackback spam here lately. What's going on? Someone is stealing my content, then tracking back to my blog here, all in an attempt to get traffic and spiders to come and visit. I've been marking all these things as spam. I think that Akismet (the blog spam killing service I've been using) has been using that feedback because other bloggers, like the BestBlog blog, notice that the spam problem gets better over time. I won't link to the sites that are doing this spamming, but if you go to you'll see one such spam site.

I hate sites like this!

SmartTags make return on blogs?

I'm seeing more and more advertising like on jk's blog here (see the double-underlined words? They pop up as ads).

I don't mind this as much as I minded SmartTags when Microsoft was attempting to do them (before I was an employee I argued voiciferously against them, along with many other people in the community because we didn't want anyone to be able to use our own words for doing this style of advertising). Choosing to do it on your own blog only gets rid of most of my objection. I still don't like these kinds of ads, though, cause for someone who doesn't know the Web very well you can't tell these are ads at first.

I do wonder, though, whether these kinds of ads pay off for bloggers more than the AdSense style ads?

Tools matter, at least with video

Yesterday Duncan uploaded a video I did with Jessica Arnold. She shows off Outlook 2007. Very cool. But what's interesting is the comments noted that the camera work seemed better. What changed? Certainly not my unsteady hand. But I finally broke down and got a $3,500 camcorder. Glad to see that the results are coming through the other side.

I'm over visiting Shel for a podcast on Waxxi. There are almost 1,000 people signed up, which is just freaky. It's like giving a speech at a conference only from Shel's kitchen table. (UPDATE: Jeremiah Owang blogged the podcast, which was interesting because it ran like talk radio — people could come in and ask their questions over phone and there was a chat room too, I really liked the format; Mish in Toronto also blogged it; so did Peter Dawson, damn these posts all went up fast).

He was just telling me about the world tour he's doing with Rick Segal. Says he and Rick Segal have already gotten invitations from all over the world.

Regarding emails from around the world, I'm way behind. Two weeks behind. Sorry if I haven't gotten back to you yet. Life interrupted. :-)