Nancy blogs FoxPro and .NET

I've known Nancy Folsom for years, dating back to the 1990s when we both hung out in Fawcette's Off.Ramp a lot. I'm glad to see her blogging, and a geeky code blog to boot! She blogs about FoxPro, .NET, and a few other geeky topics.

Oh, and my wife Maryam links to her and Stan Mackey, our real estate agent, who just started a blog too. Oh, and Kim Sacha. She's studying computational genetics and blogging about her journey. Her husband is a developer at Microsoft (works on the ultra-cool Max team).

Good to see some nice new blogs. How does Maryam find them? She has been building a network of friends in Seattle — she has a movie club where she kicks me out of the house and has her friends over. Funny that last time they didn't even watch a movie!

Windows Media 11’s lack of podcasting gets noticed

Todd Cochrane, of Geek News Central, says that Windows Media 11's lack of podcasting features will slow down podcasting's growth. I look at it a different way. I think that not having podcasting features will slow down Windows Media 11's growth. Translation, I agree with him that it sucks that WM11 doesn't have podcasting features yet.

Funny enough, I'm sitting in's headquarters, located on Sand Hill Road. I've spent the past few hours getting acquainted with their team and learning about their plans (they were funded for more than $5 million a few months back). The podcasting space is white hot and only going to get hotter and video blogging is coming onto the scene like a train of coal rolling into Livingston Montana. Anyone miss how big a deal Rocketboom has become in just a year?

Lesson for product planners in the tech industry: if you aren't supporting the latest stuff you'll be derided and left behind. If it takes 30 months to add a cool feature into your product you're too slow, not agile enough, and will see slow growth.

Hey, my fellow Microsofties. Want to see the stock go up? Cut the time from 30 months or longer to 12. The market will start to notice and you'll see increased buzz. That still won't be perfect, but it'll be a lot better than we got now.

There are still way too many Microsoft sites without RSS feeds (a shame, really, since Windows Vista's beta 2 is coming within hours, and it has a decent RSS aggregator built in). Fellow Microsofties, let's change that and we'll see good things come to us.

Instead we have folks like Todd saying we suck. I hate being told that.

Here's another challenge for our product planners. Are you planning OPML features yet? Second Life? Video blogging? Xbox Live integration? WPF-based overhauls? Microformats?