Off at Gnomedex

I’m going to take some time off of blogging and enjoy being temporarily unemployed (I start at Podtech on July 5).

My Microsoft email is no longer working. You can write me at

My cell phone stays the same. 425-205-1921.

Thanks and have a great weekend, see ya at Gnomedex!

New podcast distribution network starts up

Melodeo starts up tomorrow and with a bang. Former U.S. Senator John Edwards is one of the first users.

What’s different about it? They have nice support for mobile phones. I played tonight with it on a Nokia phone and the service helped me find several podcasts and listen to them.

It’ll be interesting to see which distribution network ends up being important. This one is certainly one to watch.

Wow, Vic Gundotra leaves Microsoft for Google

Interesting, Vic Gundotra leaves Microsoft, Business 2.0 says, to take a year off and then head to Google.

Vic is the guy who hired me into Microsoft and is one of the people who made me believe. I will never forget his pitch to me to join Microsoft: “this might be good for your career.”

Thanks Vic for everything and good luck in your future career.


Brain drain at Microsoft?

Is there a brain drain going on at Microsoft? It sure looks that way but keep in mind that Vic and I didn’t write code. We didn’t make the products.

Those of us who — whether deserved or not — become public faces of companies can wildly change the perceptions of those companies.

There are 60,000+ people working at Microsoft. Not two or three. Or even 15.

What’s ironic is I met quite a few employees at Microsoft who used to work at Google. No one talks about them.

On the other hand, this is a win for Google and a loss for Microsoft. They got a good guy.

By the way, I tried to call Vic for several hours tonight to get his comment and he didn’t return my calls. I didn’t know either Vic was going to leave before today, either, although when we talked recently about my own career I could tell he was considering life changes as well.

Tour Carnegie Mellon’s robotics’ lab

One of the coolest things I ever got to do was tour the robotics lab at Carnegie Mellon University. Here’s the tour unedited. Even gives props to Java and some non-Microsoft development tools. They have some of the coolest people I’ve ever met and the robotics might suprise you (two of the students were building soccer-playing robots on top of Segways, other students were building surgery tools, really great stuff).

This is a great video to run on my last day at Microsoft. Party in building 18 at 4 p.m. Patrick is here helping me clean out my office. I’m filled with emotion. Sadness. Excitement. Terror that I didn’t finish a bunch of stuff.

The video is long, but it’s in three or four distinct segments, so it’ll be easy to poke through it and find some good stuff. Don’t miss the soccer stuff at the end, those robots are mondo cool.

Win year’s subscription to Netflix on 88Slide

I got to know the 88Slide folks a little better at VLoggerCon. This blog is a little video trivia show (it’s only one minute long every day). You watch them every day, answer the question, and get entered into a lottery for winning a prize.

Anyway, Noah Bonnett, executive producer, tells me they are gonna give away a one-year’s subscription to Netflix on next Thursday’s show.

So, that got me all wound up, as if I’m not wound up enough (today is my last day at Microsoft) so I go over to the Beachwalks’ video blog to see what’s up. What’s Rox talking about? Money, money, money. Talking about Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation.

I can’t wait to do my own “walks on the beach” show — I’ll send it in to Rox for free. Rox has nicer beaches to play on with her dog.

I love the “Skype the Conch” button. Heheh. What a great lifestyle. Do you have a great lifestyle? Why don’t you share it all with us?

Oh, and if you think Videoblogging is just really lame, you gotta check out RabbitBites. Two rabbits rip various videobloggers into shreds. Hillarious!

Watching the grass grow (Drupal developer needed)

OK, I’ve seen everything now. Alex Komarnitsky has a web site where you can watch the grass grow.┬áHis grass. Is there anything that you can’t do on the Internet?

Well, some of you are Drupal developers. I have a friend who needs some development done. He’s looking for a Drupal developer for a short-term project. Are you one? Leave a note here and a way to be contacted. Thanks.