Is trust evolving, blogger asks

The Orcology blog asks "Is Trust Evolving." Talks about following my blog. "He's human and wants to be a better dad, husband, and employee at Microsoft. 95 people joined that conversation and you can read their comments. You can't help but the trust the guy. But wait a second. This is a Microsoft blog. Or is it? I can't tell anymore."

It is a nutty world we're all connected to, isn't it?

To me, I don't trust someone who's solely in it for the money. That's the way lots of companies behave. Heck, I even behave that way sometimes. But my best work is when I'm doing something for fun, or in support of a philosophy, like 'the world needs better software.' Blogging lets me communicate with you about when I'm not just thinking about business. Why? Cause there isn't a business model on my blog. It's why I'm turning down free stuff now, why I don't have ads here, etc. Yeah, my audience does give me career power, but that's not why I started it and it's not what drives me to share my life with you.

Why do it then? Because audiences improve everything they touch. Our book is better because we showed it to you before we published it. My videos on Channel 9 are better because you're able to add your two cents onto the subject (or ask a question I forgot to ask). My friendships are better cause everyone in the world gets to see what I'm thinking and going through and we don't need to cover that stuff when we get together. Even my relationship with my wife is better. If I forget to take out the trash all she has to do is tell you and then I'll get heck about it from everyone. It's funny the personal feedback I get on all these topics. 

I do sometimes find it really weird when people come up to me at work that I don't even know and ask "how's the new car" or "sorry about your mom." Today Andrew Clinick who works on the HD-DVD team at Microsoft stopped me at lunch to talk about my new HD-DVD player and my new HDTV. What a weird world I live in.

Our ideas of trust and community and all that are under radical change because of the Internet.

The other day I got a call from a student in India and we had a nice little chat. It was no different than if I had called my best friend up.

Thanks for the trust! Hey, even if you don't like Microsoft you're OK. 🙂