Tantek announces Microformats search and pinging

Thinking back to my great meal in Jackson, Wyoming, what made it great? The small things. The way the apples were sliced. The way the dressing was dripped over the food.

It gets to my philosophy about technology. What makes an Apple store great? It's the wood countertops. I bet most of you have never fondled the countertops there, but I have. Aesthetics matter. Small things matter.

Today Tantek announced Technorati's Microformat Search and Pinging. It's a small thing. Hence the "micro" in the name (hey, I like that! Heheh.)

This is important. Why? Because it'll let search producers add all sorts of stuff to search.

Go to Google or MSN and search on my last name. Why can't I tell the search engine to put a picture of me in the result for this blog? Why can't I tell it to list other info? With Microformats I'd be able to, if the search engine recognized them.

Then I'd also be able to write restaurant and movie reviews, among other things, and have engines recognize those too. Or share calendars. Or do a variety of other things.

It's a small thing. I doubt the New York Times will write about this day. But, it could become something much bigger.

My hat is off to the Microformat folks. Nice small thing.