Metaverse audio interviews now up

There's some really interesting audio interviews up from the Metaverse Roadmap Summit (which got a bunch of interesting people together to talk about the future of virtual worlds like Second Life). The Electric Sheep blog linked to this and explained the significance. You have to click on the questions, where you'll see the same question answered by dozens of different people.

There's also the Metaverse Sessions site, where you'll find an interview with me and my son, Patrick.

Howard’s nephew

Along my journey I've met some incredible people. Too many, if I really admit it to myself (557 emails are reminding me of that today). But, this evening I just started up Skype and Howard Greenstein told me about his nephew, named Sawyer, who is in a rehab hospital recovering from an unknown disease which has left him paralyzed. He's 12. Same age as my son.

He hasn't been able to move his legs for the past two weeks.

I can't even imagine going through that as a family. But, Howard is coping the same way I coped: turn to our global village and talk about it and try to start a meme to lift his nephew's spirits.

You might have remembered hearing Howard's name before. He ran the Twin Towers Fund, which raised millions of dollars in support for 9/11 victims.

Life is cruel sometimes. I'll go and take a picture and see if we can bring a smile to Sawyer's face.

It’s Steve Garfield’s week

It's VloggerCon week (Video blogging conference that'll be held in San Francisco next weekend), which means it's Steve Garfield's week. He's been videoblogging longer than most anyone I know. I love his Vlog Soup where he brings us the best of Videoblogs around the Web.

Is videoblogging hot? Well, Vloggercon is sold out.

Weird, before the registration system is closed, but Steve says there's still tickets left. I'll be there.

Steve Gillmor, you’re invited

I heard yesterday that Steve Gillmor isn't coming to Gnomedex. I know he always gives me crap for not inviting him to anything. So, heck, Steve, skip Gnomedex. You're invited to come and watch the World Cup games that week with me and Jeff Clavier at my house. Not to mention my BBQ on July 2.

Why do I want to share a beer with Steve while watching football (European style)? Cause of his letter to Bill Gates.

I too am concerned about the government's request. My brother, Ben (the guy who sells tools) and I had an argument about just this kind of topic a couple of weeks ago. He believes the government should have infinite powers to go after terrorists and criminals. "Hey, if you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about, right?"

That's a hard point of view to argue with, but it scares the heck out of me.

After all, who decides what is right or wrong? The majority. Heck, blonde-haired geeks aren't in the majority anymore. So, we gotta worry about this stuff. There are plenty of places in the world where they let this kind of thinking take hold in the government and my wife isn't living in Tehran anymore just because of this kind of thinking.

You know, this makes me think that it's time to partner with Google, Yahoo, Ebay, and the other companies so we, as an industry, will have a consistent and strong answer to government requests.

Larry and Sergey, this would be a great place for us to sit down and have a friendly discussion. Interested? You're invited to my house too. There might be more important things to come out of this than the World Cup on my HDTV.