The geeks on Saturday night

Tris Hussey, in the comments on Toby Bloomberg's blog, asks "what the heck where all these bloggers doing up at 11 p.m. on a Saturday?"

Tell me about it! I was out to dinner with a bunch of video bloggers. It was interesting to watch how the news started spreading. I looked at my cell phone and I think there was a call from Om Malik that I ignored (sorry, Om, I didn't know you were calling about THAT). Then the email started coming in. Oh, crud. It was out.

The entire table pulled out geek gadgets. Treos. SmartPhones. Blackberries.

Tara Hunt was the first one to find the first story and read it to us.

I told Marc Canter, "sorry, gotta go" and paid for my dinner and called John Furrier and headed to his house to write a press release.

Don Dodge adds onto the hype, but he nailed a lot of why I'm joining a startup.

Oh, and folks over on Channel 9 are saying "it's dead." Not so, not so.

I wouldn't have left if I didn't think Channel 9 and Microsoft weren't in awesome hands.

Bill Gates, at his CEO summit a few weeks ago, bragged about Channel 9 and told the CEOs something like "if there's one thing you should do, it should be to build your own Channel 9."

Hey, I know a small startup in Silicon Valley that can help with that! 🙂