OK, it is indeed a bit over the top that I'm the top tech news on the BBC right now. Can't Google announce something, please? ;-)
No one paid attention to when I took my other jobs. I agree with Paul Kedrosky that this is all overdone. I was relieved when it started going down on TechMeme this morning. Now I gotta go to work and finish my Channel 9 videos.

Thanks to Hugh Macleod for the cartoon. Yes, Technorati shows that people are indeed blogging too. Whew, my head is spinning, there's so much commentary (mostly nice, but some nasty) that I don't know what to react to, so I probably won't for a while and maybe come back to it in a week after it all settles down. I am learning a lot about how media storms happen and what can be done about them when they happen (there are some things you can do, for instance by being available to answer rumors — that's one reason my cell phone is on my blog. Another one? Post fast, post often, and answer the most common questions. But, the biggest one? Learn how to hang out with, and talk with, and make friends with bloggers, podcasters, videobloggers, and virtual worlds' influentials).


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