Videobloggers and geeks “Get Off the Grid” in Montana

I didn't get invited to the famous exclusive geek campout, so, I figured I'd take Patrick and Maryam to my mom's house instead in Montana and invite my friends. Turns out that a few other geeks/video bloggers I know are looking for a reason to get "off the grid" too and spend their vacation time in a beautiful place (I already have a few famous videobloggers who are going to come). So, the week of August 6th we're gonna have a campout at my mom's house. No Wifi. No broadband. But we'll have a good time, Chico Hot Springs is five minutes away, Yellowstone is 30 minutes. Grand Teton National Park, four hours.

It's in the middle of nowhere (in Emigrant, MT, which is south of Livingston), closest airport is Bozeman, which is a little more than an hour away. I have four beds, three are already taken, but we can sleep lots more if you bring your own air mattress and bedding. I'll provide beer and wine. The scenery is stunning.

A good chance to hang out with creative people in a place where we can get off the grid. Oh, and just in case you "get the shakes" cause I won't have Wifi or anything like that, we'll go and visit the Tech Ranch at Montana State University too. 

If you're interested, just drop me a line at and we'll arrange the details. There is camping, real hotels and RV slips within a few minutes of my mom's house as well. Five minutes from the house is the Yellowstone River which is some of the best Fly Fishing in the world. I'm not into that, but I like putting my toes into the mud and sharing a beer with friends on the bank.

As usual, my campouts aren't exclusive. First come, first served.