Small is beautiful, says Jason Fried

While Patrick is playing Kameo on the Xbox, I'm catching up with feeds and things.

Just ran across this video of Jason Fried, 37 Signals founder, giving a talk at the Collaborative Technologies Conference.

I learn something everytime I hear Jason talk. He's a small idea guy. Small teams. Small is beautiful, he titled his talk, available in video here on Alex Dunne's blog.

Small is beautiful even at a big company. I look at the box Patrick is playing tonight. The original idea for that was pitched by two people. Four made up the original team.

Hey, Jason, your team is getting too big! Heheh.

Every Vice President should watch this one. I'm a Friedian. Are you?

Video advocacy, Rocketboom style

I was just at Oren Michael's blog and he said "thanks Amanda." It's amazing how I didn't even need to read anymore. I knew he was talking about Rocketboom

Simply inspiring.

On my best day I'm not as good as this. Agree with her point or not (she's pro-network neutrality), this is a great use of the medium. 

Can you do anything like this? I'd love to talk with you, or link to you. Even if I don't agree with you.

By the way, Oren, just found your blog again tonight — I had lost track of it since I deleted a ton of feeds a few months back. Very nice! I can see why you're the CEO of a new Silicon Valley startup — I can't wait to visit the Mashery with my video camera! 

Seth doesn’t get HDTV

Seth Long writes that he just doesn't get HDTV and he's usually one of those crazy "early adopter" types.

Well, Seth, I see you're gonna be at Gnomedex. Jeff Clavier and a few other people are coming over to watch the World Cup games in the mornings. Come on over and watch them in HD and see if it still doesn't float your boat.

As for the price. Let's look at it a different way.

A few weekends ago I took Patrick to see Mission Impossible. Let's look at the costs of doing that.

1) Waiting in line for an hour. Cost? About $42 of my time (considering I got paid less than $100,000 a year). Every hour is opportunity cost that's gone.

2) Sitting through 25 minutes of advertising. Seriously.

3) $10 ticket to get in. $7 for Patrick. That's $17. Plus, $12 for a hot dog, Coke, popcorn. Whew. And I won't even count the exercise time to work that off. $29 to take just Patrick. Another $17 or so if Maryam comes along (she has a weakness for M&Ms). Not to mention that if you go to a movie you're far more likely to eat out. There goes another $40 to $100. More if a friend comes along. So, one movie can cost us more than $100!!

4) The movie itself. Cell phone went off behind us during the movie. They won't pause the movie while going to the bathroom. The teenagers talking behind us. The tall guy who goes to the bathroom in front of us during the movie. The sticky seats. You can't rewind the movie when your wife asks you "what did that guy say?"

Compare to the monthly cost of my video system: about $130 a month (you think I had $4k in my pocket? You must think I was one of those Microsoft millionaires. Heheh). We bought it at Best Buy and bought it on credit. Don't look at it as $4,000. Look at it as $130 a month (maybe $200, if you also need to buy a new audio system for surround sound).

So, for the cost of a few movies with Maryam, Patrick, and me, I get a humongous new TV screen that makes me the most popular guy with venture capitalists and interesting geeks during Gnomedex.

Heheh, by the way, now you know why Gnomedex's tag is "a higher resolution."

If you want in on the World Cup games, email me First come, first served (you gotta have transportation since I live about 45 minutes away from Gnomedex).

Moving to California

Maryam just put down an offer on a house in Half Moon Bay. It's way too expensive. The commute sucks. But you'll all want to visit, believe me. Got an extra guest room and a cool sun room for doing video recordings. Walking distance to beach. And golfing. I don't golf. But, might have to take it up!

Anyway, that means we're putting our house up for sale next week. If you're looking to buy a house in the Seattle area, we should talk!

Oh, and I've been getting email about why I haven't changed my title tag yet. I'm a Microsoft employee until June 30th. Maryam and I join PodTech on July 5th.

My email will work until Wednesday morning. After that there aren't any guarantees (my exit interview is on Wednesday afternoon).

For now it's safer to use my personal email address of

I have a Podtech email already, but won't answer that until July 5, so let's use the Hotmail one for now.

We'll be working in both Silicon Valley and Seattle during July, not sure what our schedule will be yet, and then we're taking August off to relax a bit and get moved. 

Full time work at Podtech will start in September. 

Anything else I forgot?

BigCo employees should listen to this

Every big company employee should listen to "Users in Charge" from today's BloggerCon. Visit the MP3 downloads and click on "Users in Charge." Hear the anger? Good! Now are you gonna do something about it?

To the users: some people DO listen. They change the world. At Microsoft we got RSS, wikis, blogs into some of our biggest products (Sharepoint and Office).

The users can win! Especially with blogs.

Which HDTV?

When I went to CES I thought I wanted a plasma screen. After all, they are sexy. Thin. Cool. And all that. And at CES they had tons of them all over the place.

I'm glad my brother talked me out of it. Instead I got a Sony Rear Projection TV.

From the front it looks like plasma. If you visited my house and were sitting on my red couch you would probably think "cool plasma screen." After all, it's BIG and thin. Or looks that way from the front.

In back it has a bump that sticks out a few inches. Not very big, but means I couldn't hang this one the wall (which is one reason to buy plasma.

But, to get the high resolutions you need to go rear projection. My brother did the homework and found that the Sony screens are the sharpest at the $4,000 level or below. Yeah, you can match it if you go higher.

I also considered DLP screens since they are a lot lower in price but at CES when I had them side-by-side I couldn't stand the way they looked. The picture that is. When you had rapidly moving stuff on screen they looked blurry when compared to LCD or Plasma or other technologies like my Sony screen.

Anyway, how did you pick your HDTV? What is most important to you?