Internet video as art

Two videos that got my eye. They won't change the world. They don't really communicate anything important. They won't get on Memeorandum or Digg or even on Google Video or YouTube. But, what the heck, neither will a flower.

Daniel Liss: Begin here. Great homemade music and visuals. Inspiring!

Michael Verdi is in a post Vloggercon funk.

Oh, Michael, I know what you mean. Sometimes I just get in a funk and don't know what to write. It gets worse after conferences cause I realize people are listening. Damn, it's so much easier to create and do weird shit when you know no one is listening.

It's a totally terrifying time in my life. And thrilling, too. So many changes coming that it's hard to just soak it all in. It's hard to get to sleep, to tell you the truth. Which is why I'm watching videos at 4 a.m. Thanks for making my 4 a.m. a little more fun than what's on the Discovery Channel at this time of morning.

I do feel naked, though. I gave my camcorder to Charles the other day so can't send video back. Can't wait to get a new one. Which one should I get? I want HD, but don't want to spend $6k for the Panasonic one, so probably will go with the Sony I had before (FX1).