Grassroots picking HD-DVD over BlueRay?

I was hanging out on the AVSForum the other day and saw several posts from people who said that in their comparisons HD-DVD is far superior to BlueRay tests.

Today those posts are getting reported in CentreDaily.

See how the grassroots could be changing popular opinion?

This is why I told Steve Ballmer to come to the grassroots and explain his leadership there first before heading to the mainstream press and analysts.

He didn’t take my advice, which is OK. But neither did Sony (or Google) and this isn’t the last article you’ll see like the one in CentreDaily.

One fun aside. Last night at my party I got a lot of questions about my HD-DVD. So I put on a movie. The consensus? One guy said it looked better than the movie theater did.

I agree. But first we need to see a second-generation player so I can recommend everyone get it (the Toshiba has a couple of deep flaws including a slow startup time and a huge-ass remote control that I can’t read in the dark).