For sale: one red couch

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Yes, we’re selling the infamous Red Couch, among other things, at a garage sale that starts tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. at our house. 14414 86th PL NE Bothell, WA 98011.

This couch is infamous cause it was used on stage at Gnomedex last year and has had famous and interesting people like David Allen sitting on it.

Photo credit to Dylan Greene.

Yeah, I guess I should list this on Edgeio which is the cool way for bloggers to sell their stuff.

Oh, and feel free to drop by. Patrick is selling Lemonade and Cookies.

Calling all dead programmers and unemployed videobloggers: Off the Grid Camp starts August 6

Hey, we love deadprogrammers and unemployedvideobloggers (great name for a blog, by the way, anyone have a better one?). But, plans are progressing for a campout that I’m calling “OffTheGrid” at my mom’s house (near Chico Hot Springs in Montana).

The details? You’re welcome. We still have some floor space to put up more people (beds are all gone, sorry). It’ll be August 6 through 9th. If you’re interested in coming, please send me email.

There’s camping and lodging nearby (I’d recommend staying at Chico Hot Springs, we’ll definitely have several sessions over there).

Purpose? Get off the grid for a while and do something creative together. Hike. Swim. Fish. That kind of thing.

Dave Winer says he’s coming. We have several families coming. It’s an open invite. Anyone can come. We’ll do some geeky stuff too, but maybe that’ll include using GPS’s and doing a treasure hunt or something like that.

Update: Matt Griffith says the area is stunning and wishes he could come and there’s a ton of Geocaches in the area.

Now I can get on with the rest of my life…

Charles Torre, of Channel 9, interviewed me and Patrick on my last day in the office.

Did I really pick my nose on camera?

But, seriously, we talk about the risks of corporate blogging, Mini-Microsoft, why many corporations can’t blog or do something like Channel 9, among a whole lot of things, and then we read the questions off of Microsoft’s real exit interview.

New idea for RSS aggregators: Drama Filter (and code blogs)

Andy Brudtkuhl came up with an interesting idea. We need a blogosphere drama filter, he says. Too much “Scoble” and “Rocketboom.”

Oh, but we LOVE our dramas, don’t we? Did you hear that a new host has been picked for Rocketboom (not officially, but according to the Huffington Post)?

Oh, if you don’t want drama, why not come to the Lang.NET symposium, which is really just a compiler forum? No drama there. Your code either runs or it doesn’t. Lehman tells me that Miguel de Icaza of Mono will be there, along with speakers from Sun Microsystems and other smart coders. That’s July 31-August 2 at Microsoft in Redmond.

Or, why don’t you check out some code blogs like Albert Pascual’s. The problem with code blogs is it’s hard to find a single post that focused on a single problem. Let’s say you come up with a cool sorting algorithm. How will other people know you did?

What’s your favorite code blog? Or drama blog? Heheh.

Sorry, I don’t do Social Networks anymore

The Friendster patent isn’t a reason why I don’t do social networks anymore. I simply find that they are annoying. I get TONS of emails asking me to join things like LinkedIn, Friendster, Orkut, and other social networks. Even Flickr could be seen as a social network of types (I don’t use the messaging or emailing features of Flickr).

I hate these things.

Why? Cause I have a blog. My email address and my cell phone number are always on my blog.

Why do I need a social network? I hate LinkedIn, for instance. I get emails sent to me through five people. If you don’t know how to look me up on Google/MSN/Yahoo and email me directly why, exactly, would I answer your emails there?

I’m not anymore. If you’ve emailed me on LinkedIn or another social network I won’t answer, sorry.

Hell, I’m having a hard enough time just answering my email.

Post-Second-Life-ban interview with Beth Goza

Here’s the Gnomedex interview with Beth Goza and a variety of others (there were about six people standing together in the hall when I interviewed Beth Goza). Keep in mind that this interview happened minutes after I learned that we were gonna be banned from Second Life for letting my 12-year-old son use it on stage at Gnomedex. Beth Goza is “enthusiasm dispenser” for Linden Lab, which makes Second Life.

This picture is of my son doing the dirty deed.

Update: Beth Goza just called me and told me that I haven’t been banned officially yet. She said Linden Lab still hasn’t decided what to do with my account. She also asked me to explain why I was making this an issue. I told her: because I want to work in Second Life with my son and right now that’s impossible because even if he were 13 I am not allowed in the teen grid and he’s not allowed in my grid. And, if he builds something cool, or I build something cool, we can’t share items between the two worlds.

Could I have emailed her, yes. But I’m a public person and I talk about issues that are of interest to all of us. Is it a messy process, yes. Have I given one side of the issue? Yes. (I tried to give Beth’s side in the podcast, though, and would be happy to link to Linden Labs’ blog where they talk about it from their side).

Would I encourage parents with kids to let them run around Second Life. No. There’s way too much sex and adult behavior and it’s too easy for a kid to pretend he or she is an adult and get into situations that they would not be prepared for. It’d be like dropping Patrick into Las Vegas or New York and letting him walk around by himself.

Also, I was explicitly breaking the rules and accept the consequences.

I apologize to Beth because I’m putting her in a very tough place. If she doesn’t enforce the rules with me, then Second Life has a mess on its hands as more kids get thrown in. How many parents know that explicit sexual acts and gambling take place there? I doubt many who aren’t in the geek world know.