Hello from the road

Maryam’s driving. She just guided her BMW through Roseburg, Oregon (we started late today, still have seven hours of driving ahead of us). We enjoy getting calls on the road. Hugh Macleod just called from England. Seems Armani is going after Savile Row and that has him in a tizzy. I wouldn’t worry too much. Folks who have $3,000 to spend on a suit don’t want a brand name. They want something far more personalized than that. At least if I had $3,000 for a suit (I’m a long way from that status) that’s what I’d look for. I wouldn’t want anyone wearing a suit that looked like mine.

Feel free to call us. It keeps us awake and we learn something. I wish I had my recording system setup, though. It would have been fun to record these calls on the road. My cell phone is always on my blog. 425-205-1921.