The “river” versus “folder” RSS approach

Dave Winer has been talking about RSS aggregators again. I don’t use a River of News style aggregator. I use NewsGator which comes into Outlook. It is NOT a river of news style aggregator. But, I don’t delete either. I just read each folder and mark all as read. I like keeping the folders separate rather than all on one page. Why?

Cause sometimes I just want to read what Mike Arrington says and hell with the rest of you.

Anyway, in my aggregator when Mike publishes something new his folder turns bold. I don’t need to read it now. It doesn’t bother me that it’s bold. It’s not like email where I’m itchy to answer it. Mike doesn’t care if I don’t read his posts within 15 minutes, or even 15 days. They’ll just hang out until I visit that folder next and click “mark all as read.” That marks all the items in his folder as read until he publishes something new.

Now, where do I use a River-of-news aggregator? On the Share Your OPML site. I love that aggregator. It doesn’t make me want to get rid of my folder-by-folder approach, though.

Engadget praises Intel’s new Duo Core II

It’s funny, I’m staying at a place across the street from AMD’s headquarters (Maryam’s brother is putting us up this week — he works on the Mac team at Apple) and I can bet that AMD’s engineers are working double shifts right now cause Engadget is praising Intel’s Core 2 Duo.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the engineer’s offices.

But, that competition is great for us. New machines ahead! Based on what I hear in the office here (there’s some former semiconductor types who work at Podtech — our VCs fund a lot of semiconductor work too) they think Intel has a winner here. Looks like they found a way to beat back heat generation and use less electricity.

Why is that important? Well, look at what Google/Yahoo/Microsoft are building in Washington State: huge datacenters.

If you can reduce power consumption and heat generation by even a little bit that’ll make a big difference over the lifetime of that PC.

Update: TechMeme has more on Intel vs. AMD.

Flickr analysis tool released

Someone asked me why they should care about blogs or podcasts.

My answer: because they teach me things.

For instance, Thomas Hawk, who is a great photographer, tells me to check out Flickr Inspector. Now, Flickr is a photo sharing service. And Thomas is an expert on photo sharing services (he even works for a competitor of Flickr).

So, if he tells me something is cool in the photosharing space, I’ll believe him.

That’s why I love this media. It lets me find people who are passionate and authoritative about something and they teach me stuff.

Thanks, Thomas, nice tool!

Great geek podcast

Scott Johnson, co-founder of Feedster, has been doing a series of podcasts and I’ve been listening all morning. They are quite excellent. Among the best geek podcasts I’ve heard.

For instance, “understanding search engine issues” is useful to any business who needs to be listed on search engines like Google/Yahoo/MSN. Or, he’ll teach you how to learn PHP.

Other topics? PHP vs. Rails. Advice for startups. Really great stuff.