The “river” versus “folder” RSS approach

Dave Winer has been talking about RSS aggregators again. I don’t use a River of News style aggregator. I use NewsGator which comes into Outlook. It is NOT a river of news style aggregator. But, I don’t delete either. I just read each folder and mark all as read. I like keeping the folders separate rather than all on one page. Why?

Cause sometimes I just want to read what Mike Arrington says and hell with the rest of you.

Anyway, in my aggregator when Mike publishes something new his folder turns bold. I don’t need to read it now. It doesn’t bother me that it’s bold. It’s not like email where I’m itchy to answer it. Mike doesn’t care if I don’t read his posts within 15 minutes, or even 15 days. They’ll just hang out until I visit that folder next and click “mark all as read.” That marks all the items in his folder as read until he publishes something new.

Now, where do I use a River-of-news aggregator? On the Share Your OPML site. I love that aggregator. It doesn’t make me want to get rid of my folder-by-folder approach, though.

Engadget praises Intel’s new Duo Core II

It’s funny, I’m staying at a place across the street from AMD’s headquarters (Maryam’s brother is putting us up this week — he works on the Mac team at Apple) and I can bet that AMD’s engineers are working double shifts right now cause Engadget is praising Intel’s Core 2 Duo.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the engineer’s offices.

But, that competition is great for us. New machines ahead! Based on what I hear in the office here (there’s some former semiconductor types who work at Podtech — our VCs fund a lot of semiconductor work too) they think Intel has a winner here. Looks like they found a way to beat back heat generation and use less electricity.

Why is that important? Well, look at what Google/Yahoo/Microsoft are building in Washington State: huge datacenters.

If you can reduce power consumption and heat generation by even a little bit that’ll make a big difference over the lifetime of that PC.

Update: TechMeme has more on Intel vs. AMD.

Flickr analysis tool released

Someone asked me why they should care about blogs or podcasts.

My answer: because they teach me things.

For instance, Thomas Hawk, who is a great photographer, tells me to check out Flickr Inspector. Now, Flickr is a photo sharing service. And Thomas is an expert on photo sharing services (he even works for a competitor of Flickr).

So, if he tells me something is cool in the photosharing space, I’ll believe him.

That’s why I love this media. It lets me find people who are passionate and authoritative about something and they teach me stuff.

Thanks, Thomas, nice tool!