Former Senator using Peer-to-Peer tech

Former Senator John Edwards is using BitTorrent to distribute content, Taegan Goddard reports on his Political Wire blog.

Oh, that has got to chafe the recording industry’s behind.

Why? Because it demonstrates there’s a legitimate purpose behind BitTorrent. It also will drag in tons of non-geeks who’ll try it out for the first time and discover they can distribute all sorts of stuff here, like HD video from their camcorders.

For instance, check out the Scourist. These guys take cool traveling trips, and put up their videos. They are slow to download. But if BitTorrent were in place (or, the easier to use RedSwoosh) then distributing stuff like this would be a breeze and wouldn’t cost anyone huge money.

One thing this shows is that John Edwards is positioning himself as a technology literate guy. It’ll be interesting to see if, and how, he uses that position if he runs for President next year.