Sigh. Microsoft’s marketers will never learn

I was telling someone just today that I will never sign up for another email newsletter. Ever.

Michael Martine reminded me of that when he wrote a blog post “my love/hate relationship with Microsoft.”

In that post he even gives Microsoft a couple of kudos “maybe they learned something from Scoble afterall.”

No, sorry, Michael, it looks like telling Microsoft’s marketers that they should be fired for not having RSS feeds didn’t take.

Getting people to subscribe to an email newsletter is sssooo 1990s.

If that’s the kind of marketing we should expect for Zune then Apple has nothing to worry about.

But, Michael is right. At least the Zune team has a blogger among its ranks. I’ve subscribed to his blog. It has an RSS feed.

“Sometimes a courtesy flush is necessary”

The things you can learn from videoblogs. Oh, boy, I’ve seen everything now. But, seriously, this is the kind of thing I was hoping I’d one day see when we were writing Naked Conversations.

Welcome to “niche TV.” Oh, sorry, Flush TV. I love their tag line: It’s not gross. It’s not disgusting. It’s just human nature.

The thing that’s weird is that they aren’t tying their videos to a real business. I did a ton of searches for Levine & Sons Plumbing and Heating in Detroit (UPDATE: Paul found me the link to their Web site, but says that it isn’t in the search engines yet cause it’s so new — I bet that changes real soon now). couldn’t find their own Web site. That’s totally blowing the Google juice potentials of doing a show like this.

Oh, Ryanne, thanks so much for letting me know about this. Good stuff.

Heheh, you’re wondering what this has to do with a geek blog, right? Me too. But, how businesses use technology to both do their jobs and get the word out is interesting to me.

But, if you’re looking for something a bit more geeky, check out Ryanne’s videos from the Bowling 2.0 event in San Francisco or BarCamp. Or, come to the Node101 days in August.

What have we learned from Rocketboom?

Patrick and I just watched the latest Rocketboom. What did we learn? Well, a new way to tie our shoes, certainly. But, what I’ve learned is that Rocketboom will survive its little bit of drama. I’ve also learned that a good creative person BEHIND the camera is worth just as much as a good creative person in front of it.

How did Andrew Barron find the latest person in front of it? I hear it was through a Craig’s List advertisement. I tell ya, that guy Craig sure knows how to find anything.

Congrats Andrew, you exceeded expectations.