Speaking requests, off the grid

I’ve been getting a TON of speaking requests, including for places like India and Korea and Italy. Yikes. I could spend all my time speaking and no time doing my shows or building PodTech’s network.

Anyway, one that I’ll be at is the Blog Business Summit, in Seattle in October. That should be interesting this year cause there’s a LOT of new businesses blogging. Heck, just check out all the real estate agents getting into blogging lately, thanks to the Inman Real Estate newsletter, which Stan tells us is the one that agents follow most.

While I’m off the grid I’ll look at my calendar and make some decisions. Sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you yet. I’ve been VERY bad at answering email the past month. Naughty, naughty Scoble.

Anyway, I did set up a wiki for our off the grid campout. My mom’s house is totally full, but if you’re up in Montana next week, please do stop by. The beer is free. Just be warned that you might be videoblogged.