Daily Archives: August 3, 2006

Not linking starts a conversation

Let’s see, I don’t link to Fred Wilson’s blog, but Fred notices anyway. Diane Ensey, over on A List Review, says me and Gillmor are keeping blogs for the elite. I almost didn’t link to Diane. I only don’t link to my very favorite blogs. So, I’m keeping Diane out of the elite just by linking to her. :-)

No, I think we both noticed that there are lots of ways to draw attention to someone. Here, try this: Matt Mullenweg is the #1 Matt in the world (according to Google). I won’t link to him. He’s already part of the elite — and is one of my most favorite blogs. How do I know that? Cause he wrote on his blog that he got invited to a wedding via Facebook. Speaking of which, there’s a little “I love WordPress” icon contest underway.

Oh, and Shelley Powers? I ain’t linking to her either. She’s part of the blog elite too. Is the #1 Shelley Powers on Google.

And Jory Des Jardins? Hell no. I ain’t linking to her either. She already runs the world. How do I know that? She’s the #1 Jory. 

Whos’ the #1 Joel? Guess. He’s one of my favorite blogs too. I don’t even need to use his last name. You’ll still find him. I loved his post the other day where he asked “does your programming language do this?”

When I say “Doc.” You know who I’m talking about, right? Well, he’s #2 on Google for that word. His post today was about the Religious broadcasters creativity in getting onto his Sirius radio.

And Dave Winer today notices I’m going on a road trip. You can find him on Google too.

Damn elites. :-)

Seriously? I’m not gonna stop linking. I actually don’t agree with Gillmor either. But, I do appreciate that he tries to do something different which gets a conversation to start. If we were all the same this world would be so damn boring.