Patrick is mad at me…

He’s really bent that he isn’t going to be able to be near an Apple store next week. Steve Jobs has him wrapped around his little finger. Seriously. That kid checks the Apple site about three times a day hoping to find new information. Reads Engadget and Gizmodo. Listens to his favorite Dawn and Drew (cause they were marked “explicit” in iTunes and then he grew to appreciate their humor) and the MacCast (cause, well, guess).

I’m sure right now he’s reading blogs like TUAW, AppleWatch, Cult of Mac, The Apple Core, MacSlash, or MacSurfer (my favorite).

What are the MacHeads talking about today? They are going crazy over the banner hanging at Moscone trying to read secret signals into that.

Apple is really positioned well to take over the consumer marketplace. Sure is a change from the 1990s when magazines told the faithful to “Pray.”

So, why is Patrick pissed at me? Cause he wanted to watch Steve Jobs’ keynote and be at the Apple store first thing to buy his new Mac. (We promised him a new portable if he got all A’s, which he did). Instead we’re going to be “off the grid” until next Saturday in Montana.

Speaking of Montana. I don’t have my EVDO card. It got packed accidentally and our movers won’t arrive until after we leave for Montana this afternoon. Crud. I guess fate wanted me to truely get “off the grid.”

Anyway, I will have my cell phone and we’re hanging out with 40 other geeks, so I’m sure we’ll hear all the details about Steve Jobs’ latest stuff.

Maybe if he’s I’m a good kid we’ll stop at the Apple Store in Utah on the way back.

Hey, Patrick, why don’t you load up Steve Wozniak’s speech from AlwaysOn last week on your iBook for our trip? People who were there said it was one of his best they’d seen him give.

Not linking starts a conversation

Let’s see, I don’t link to Fred Wilson’s blog, but Fred notices anyway. Diane Ensey, over on A List Review, says me and Gillmor are keeping blogs for the elite. I almost didn’t link to Diane. I only don’t link to my very favorite blogs. So, I’m keeping Diane out of the elite just by linking to her. :-)

No, I think we both noticed that there are lots of ways to draw attention to someone. Here, try this: Matt Mullenweg is the #1 Matt in the world (according to Google). I won’t link to him. He’s already part of the elite — and is one of my most favorite blogs. How do I know that? Cause he wrote on his blog that he got invited to a wedding via Facebook. Speaking of which, there’s a little “I love WordPress” icon contest underway.

Oh, and Shelley Powers? I ain’t linking to her either. She’s part of the blog elite too. Is the #1 Shelley Powers on Google.

And Jory Des Jardins? Hell no. I ain’t linking to her either. She already runs the world. How do I know that? She’s the #1 Jory. 

Whos’ the #1 Joel? Guess. He’s one of my favorite blogs too. I don’t even need to use his last name. You’ll still find him. I loved his post the other day where he asked “does your programming language do this?”

When I say “Doc.” You know who I’m talking about, right? Well, he’s #2 on Google for that word. His post today was about the Religious broadcasters creativity in getting onto his Sirius radio.

And Dave Winer today notices I’m going on a road trip. You can find him on Google too.

Damn elites. :-)

Seriously? I’m not gonna stop linking. I actually don’t agree with Gillmor either. But, I do appreciate that he tries to do something different which gets a conversation to start. If we were all the same this world would be so damn boring.