On the grid at OffTheGrid

OK, you have to picture this. A resort in the middle of nowhere that’s been here for 100 years (Theodore Roosevelt stopped here when he was planning the first national park). How weird is this resort? Well, its front driveway is a landing strip.

Now, look at the front porch. There’s nine geeks all on laptops checking their email, blogging, uploading videos, or watching the keynote from yesterday.

Yeah, Herschel Horton, that’s exactly where we are (he found an image on Google Earth of my mom’s house)

Eddie has first photos.

Laura Moncur has video from the Salt Lake brunch we had on the way here.

Anyway, the mix of people here is just perfect. There are a couple of families. A professor. A couple of CEOs. A couple of hard core geeks (one wrote the software for Microsoft’s wheel mouse). A few video bloggers. A few locals. A few eccentrics.

It’s Blogher meets Gnomedex. With no agenda other than to get to Chico, go swimming, and get on Wifi. Anyway, having fun in the sun.

30 people is a perfect size for a campout. That’s enough so that you get enough diversity and you get enough time with each person to really have a good conversation. We stayed up last night until about 3 a.m. just talking.

Richard White, founder of KikoCalendar and SlimTimer, which got a nice writeup in TechCrunch, was here and he was suprised to find some users of his product here.

John Masterson, founder of GrupThink brought his homebrew beer, which we’ll start consuming soon. Grupthink is lots of fun to browse through. It’s a site where you can get your questions answered.

Thanks to Jan McLaughlin for the photo. We just couldn’t stay off the grid. But, now it’s “jump in the pool” time. More later.

Niall leaves Microsoft

Niall Kennedy leaves Microsoft, he announced today on his blog. That’s a bummer. Microsoft needs more Web natives, not fewer. Reading his blog today I’m left saddened, especially since Niall was hired to make an RSS synchronization platform. Good news for NewsGator, though, since NewsGator already has a decent synchronization platform.

I’m sorry about Apple hype

Yesterday’s announcements by Apple went over like a lead balloon here at Off the Grid Camp (Patrick was totally not excited and even this morning after he got to hear all the news was not as Apple frenzied as usual).

I was lead to believe (by multiple sources that I can’t name for obvious reasons) that there’d be a lot more interesting stuff released yesterday than there actually was. I can’t go into why I was lead to believe that, but I had my reasons and I screwed up by getting overly excited. As Nick Douglas at Valleywag says, I was blabbing. And I got burned.

That said, I still believe the folks who got my excitement levels to rise. As Michael Markman reports Steve Jobs says there’s still a lot of stuff coming. Hinting that they didn’t announce some stuff that they were planning on putting on stage yesterday.

The stock market reacted much like those here at Off the Grid did. Yawn.

My speculation? Apple didn’t pull the trigger because they didn’t want to screw up their back-to-school sales. Let’s say they announced a new portable device or new iPod right now but wouldn’t be able to ship in quantity for, say, four weeks, they would totally freeze out the market for back to school (Patrick, for instance, goes back to school in three weeks). That would be stupid to do, so it’s probably smart to wait a few more weeks until kids are back in school before announcing cool new stuff.

Update: Wired’s Leander Kahney asks “Has Steve Jobs Lost His Magic?”

Update 2: TechMeme has a lot more reaction to the keynote.