Live Writing

Geoff Jones wonders why I haven’t written about the two big Microsoft announcements. Well, cause, I thought they were already covered to death.

But, I’m using Live Writer. I would have had a chance to use it all weekend long, I just learned from my email, but I was off the grid all weekend long (no wifi at my new house yet and my Verizon card isn’t working either — I think we didn’t pay the bill, gotta call about that tomorrow).

Anyway, if you’re one of the three people who didn’t see the announcement, Windows Live Writer is an editor for blogging. I like it very much and am using it now full time. I’ll have a review on the editors on my show next month sometime. Works just fine with More pro and cons from tons of different bloggers over on TechMeme.

A week in Montana did me some good

I find I’m agreeing with Shelley Powers and not with Guy Kawasaki. Resumes are so 1990s anyway. Just do a damn blog. And lest you think that only works for A listers, you’re nuts. I still remember interviewing at NEC. They had printed out a ream of my blogs and had highlighted a bunch of parts to ask me about. Far better than a resume.

The question is, how would I hire Shelley Powers? Now wouldn’t THAT be an interesting office?

Nancy Folsom (among others, including Shelley) took Maryam to task for saying that women can’t be geeks. Those of you who don’t know Nancy should know that she knows how to code and has been hanging out in various programming communities since the early 1990s. 

I think Maryam tapped into a source of emotionalism usually only held by Mac users.

I’m looking over my posts for the past six weeks, though, and I’ve turned into one of those lame bloggers who doesn’t say much. Sorry. Life is chaos right now.

But, it sure is good to be back at a job full time now and in a new house.

Oh, speaking of work. Finding a name and a URL is damn difficult. Everytime I find a name that Maryam and my coworkers like the URL is gone. Now I know why so many companies come up with lame names. Like, well, yelp.

Yes, Yelp. WTF? But, today, we used Yelp to find a place to eat lunch and a car wash to clean out my boss’ van. It’s a review site that’s popular with the 20-year-olds in the valley. Instead of a stupid name like “” (yes, I +did+ register that one, but it was killed last week when everyone at the Off-the-Grid camp said it was super lame) maybe I should just hold a contest. The problem is that any good name that comes up would be registered by the time I got around to it.

Maybe I should just tell you to stick it in your Heheh.

Maryam’s tips on names? Has to be easy to say. Catchy. Represent what it’s about.

It’s a show for geeks. Help, find me a name that doesn’t suck.

Update: regarding resumes, Jonathan Jesse says that resumes are still valid in “the real world.” Oh, Jesse, of course they are! I’m just pulling your leg a little bit. But, Guy Kawasaki was talking about Silicon Valley and the jobs I’ll be hiring for require you to be a good videoblogger. Or, a good writer. Or a good developer. Or a good interviewer. Or a good blogger (not always the same thing as a good writer, by the way). Or a good podcaster. Now, how can I tell whether you have the skills to do ANY of those things from your resume? I can’t, expecially since I’ve learned from Guy that many people pull MY leg on their resumes.

So, I’ll stick to Googling you, thank you very much! Oh, and, yes, I did that just to get Google’s legal department mad at me. Heheh. Oh, don’t worry, I probably got Apple’s legal department mad at me too. Afterall, my new company’s name has the word “pod” in it.

If I keep pissing off legal departments I’ll never get an interview with Mark Lucovsky or Steve Jobs. Sigh.

Back on the grid

I hate moving.

When  we got back from the off the grid camp on Friday night Maryam said “hope you’re not planning to use your computer this weekend.”

Then I saw all the boxes. “Oh, no.” I think I muttered.

Anyway, it was a fun weekend of unpacking boxes. Throwing out junk.

Well, enough of my boring life, Ryanne Hodson put together a really great video of last week in Montana. Oh, that’s the edited one. She put up a whole lot more video here.

Anyway, I’m now at PodTech. Posting will be slow this week as I catch up on email from the past six weeks.