Hacking A listers

Ahh, why do I fall for this stuff? Nick Carr started a whole debate about why he doesn’t get enough traffic.

I think the whole thing is bunk. No one promised me traffic when I started blogging. I just wanted to impress Dori Smith, JavaScript guru.

But, yesterday I was talking with Levy Cohen, CEO of Collarity (hot new search engine to add to Web sites that’s coming out) and told him that I missed the whole bookmarking thing. Why? Because I learned early on that blogging is an awesome way to get stuff into Google. I can instantly pull stuff out just by adding my last name onto a query for something I wrote earlier.

For instance, here’s a Google query for an entry I wrote about Victors Coffee in Redmond, WA. For me it’s better than Del.icio.us.

Yesterday I learned just how much better. Mario Luna, a guy I hadn’t seen since about 1990 (we went to West Valley together) called me up and said “is this the Robert Scoble who went to West Valley?” He found me on an obscure Google search, not even my name.

So, thanks Google for bringing my college friends back to me. That’s why I blog.

Being an A lister is not a good reason to blog. Nick will find that out soon enough. Starbucks lattes are still $3. I still need to take out the trash and wash the dishes. Sigh.

I love the “hack” though. Someone does it every six months. Call A listers names. That gets them emotionally involved and usually gets a link. Brilliant. Well played Nick!

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  2. There’s a ton of great stuff out there that few people seem to know about but I’m keeping it to myself ‘cos I’m a greedy ZZ-list collector. I don’t even link to them in case they get found out. hehe.

    But here’s one everyone should read: Professor Bob Sutton – he’s got a great line in Assholes. Mike A might even find it instructive. Or maybe not…

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