Daily Archives: August 16, 2006

Dana Epp blogging the birth of a new product

Dana, a security expert I’ve been following for quite some time, is blogging his development of a new product, all in one month. It’s an interesting look into the development process that we rarely get to see.

Now, imagine Apple or Microsoft or Google or eBay doing the same.

Imagine that they let you participate, even a little bit, in the development of a new product.

But, no, they won’t try that. It’s too bad. When I did my book I accidentally found that building something in public view ends up with that end thing being a lot better because of the participation of the people who drop by. Not to mention that our search page rank is a lot higher than it would otherwise be (even bloggers who hated our book, and said “that chapter sucked,” added to our search engine ranking).

Third day with Windows Live Writer

I am liking Windows Live Writer so far, but I’m not pushing the edges like some others are (I saw a bunch of complaints about bugs in some of the weirder features. I just type and post, so it works great for me so far).

Anyway, just saw that Ed Holloway has an Ink Blog Beta out for Tablet PC users.

One problem with the Windows Live Writer is the tagging support. It has categories, but that capability sucks. So I gotta open each post back up in the browser and apply categories there.

Blogs can get hoaxed, or mislead (sorry to Iran’s president)

Turns out that CNN, among others, is reporting that Iran’s president’s blog doesn’t have malware or viruses after all. So, how could I report such yesterday? I wasn’t reporting, just passing along information I had from a reputable technical source (O’Reilly).

Blogs can get hoaxed. But, if they do the truth does come out eventually. I try to update my posts as I learn more information. If you see something incorrect that I’m reporting, just point it out in the comments. Thanks!

GoogleTalk updates

I just downloaded the updated GoogleTalk which just got a bunch of new features (I’m “Scobleizer” if you wanna drop in and say hi). A lot of Microsofties used to “poopoo” GoogleTalk saying “it has no features.” They were right. But, it also had something much more important: elegance and shipping.

It was a small thing. Microsofties don’t get small things. I think it’s a disease of Microsoft’s. Not getting small things. Until it’s too late. I usually don’t keep MSN or Skype up and running during the day. Why? I don’t know. Part of it is I get too many chats from people just asking “who are you?” or who say “hello” and then want to get into some stupid conversation. But another part of it is just the weight of those apps — MSN just popped up a bunch of dialogs that I had to close (more than 50 since I hadn’t been on for several weeks).

Funny enough Joe Beda, who now is on the Google Talk team admits that he had the disease when he worked at Microsoft on the Avalon, aka Windows Presentation Foundation, team.

GoogleTalk is the lightest weight, has an elegant UI, and, well, simply works.

What do you think?

Oh, I’m also on Skype as “RobertScoble” and on Windows Live Messenger as robertscoble@hotmail.com.

Cool chat and wiki tools

I’m going through my mound of email right now looking for things I haven’t linked to. The list is way too long (more than a hundred at last count and I’m not even half way through my “blog this” folder). Lots of cool little things, too. Like ChatCreator. A neat little chat creation engine. Here, let’s try. I’m here now.

Another thing that’s fun? How about WetPaint? It’s a wiki tool. But, unlike PBWiki I used for my OffTheGrid it’s easier to use for normal people. I used PBWiki cause it had — by far — the best setup I have seen so far, but WetPaint isn’t far behind and is nicer once you get inside. More on that soon.

Oh, enough of this, I just wanted an excuse to point out that on WikiMapia there’s a nude beach that someone pointed out just south of Half Moon Bay. Are there “no Flickr” signs there?

Got any other wiki or chat tools we should be playing with? Post them here, I’m gonna put them on my new video show next month.

News alert: Ze Frank blinks

Ahh, the blogs are boring this morning. Too much talk about how cool it’d be if everyone could be an A lister. Me? I just want to be a Z lister. Why? I get too much email. I can’t even get started on my show. It’s a conspiracy to keep me down. I think Om and Mike are telling all their fans “email Scoble, it’ll keep him uninteresting.”

Well, one advantage of Maryam having a famous blog is she gets invited to Evelyn Rodriguez’ dinners. I didn’t know a single person other than Evelyn when we went last night. What do you do when you’re in such a situation? I went up to someone (turned out it was Charles Adkins, who doesn’t have a blog) and asked “do you watch Ze Frank?”

I was expecting a totally dead stare. But, damn, that got a reaction. “I love Ze!!!”

Ahhh, a fellow member of the ORG. We were instant friends. Anyone who likes Ze is cool in my book.

Speaking of the ORG (Ze’s little social experiment tool that you can use to find people near you that also listen to Ze), Michael Markman just wrote me and said “he blinked.”

Yes, Ze isn’t feeling well today. Now we know that blinking is a disease and must be stopped. Do it enough and you’ll die. It’s a scientific fact. I read it on a blog. It must be true.

OK, enough pandering to someone with real talent hoping that I’ll get a link, or a blink as it were, to justify my existence keep my ego sufficiently stroked.

Oh, yes, someday I’ll have the writing skill of Evelyn Rodriguez and I’ll figure out where she got those peaches she was serving last night. They melted in my mouth the way stuff off the trees in Silicon Valley used to (it was an orchard, I miss the apricots).

Evelyn told me last night she’s trying to shine light on things of value that few people get to see. She held her little shindig in an art gallery. Her food was hand picked from farmers markets. She was wearing a great hand-made shirt with hand made jewelry. And she invited some very interesting people. That explains her tone on her blog lately. For those who don’t know, she rode out the tsunami in Thailand a year and a half ago and she hasn’t stopped riding life ever since.

David Chamberlain impressed Maryam and I. He does philanthropic travel, is founder of Exquisite Safaris. Takes rich people to weird and exotic places and, in return, gets them to donate to local causes where they help out for a day or two. Go to Victoria Falls? Build a school.

He got me to think. Every day I have a choice. Do I tear down someone else? Or build up someone’s efforts?

I just created a WetPaint Wiki for those who love Ze Frank. Leave your URL and see how it works. More on why I did that next post.

Anyway, other reasons I want to be on the Z list? Cause then all my friends wouldn’t know when I piss off Maryam by doing something stupid.