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Well, almost everytime I ask someone about the domain name of the video show I’m working on they ask “why don’t you just call it RobertScobleTV or ScobleizerTV or something like that?”

I initially hated that suggestion because, despite my reputation of being an egotistical baaahhhssstttaaarrdddd, this show should be about other people. I learned the power of aiming the camera away from myself and toward other people. Not to mention that if this is only about me it’ll never scale and build value. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past five years is that getting more people involved in something is not only more fun, but builds better businesses. Ala Weblogs Inc, Digg, Slashdot. Etc. It’s why I haven’t taken to the videoblogging form of “aim the camera at your face and start saying stuff.”

I also look at today’s Rocketboom and see that they are trying to use the camera to expose evil and improve the world. I doubt my show will get as good, but hell, it’s nice to see a high bar to reach for.

But the feedback is so consistent and persuasive that I’m now considering it rather than something else like or something equally lame. and were a couple that were being thrown around for a while here before the chat room killed those. Mercifully. Maryam killed “” Like I said, committees suck all life out of projects and names. I’m almost ready to fall back on a descriptive name like “” You can take the boy out of Microsoft but you can’t take the Microsoft out of the boy.

Anyway, now that I’m full time I’m starting to put together a plan. We’re working on a design, getting the server setup, have already a couple of interviews done with a ton more under development (are you announcing something in the next few weeks? Email me and let’s see if we can get it on video).

Frequency? Once a week to start, but ultimate goal to move it up to at least once a day.

Format? This is the Web, not TV. So why are we worrying about staying in a preset timed format? I’m not. If something takes an hour, why not take it? On the other hand, if what you need to communicate only takes 50 seconds, why take longer?

I’m thinking more in terms of chunks of video that’ll be sent out via RSS rather than one long video with several segments. If there’s a segment you really aren’t interested in, why should you be forced to wade through it just to get to an interview you might like, or vice versa?

What are the chunks I’m thinking of?

1. Cool services/products to try. Five new things to try that you probably haven’t tried yet. For instance, before last week I hadn’t tried Dodgeball.
2. Popping the bubble. A short rant on something technology related. Like DOPA.
3. No particular demographic. Something fun with no particular demographic in mind. A cool YouTube video. A Carl Franklin Song. That kind of thing.
4. Getting deep with unusual tech business geek. Interviews with geeks and CEOs. Already have one excellent one with the CEO of Printing for Less in the bag.
5. Tech tea time. Getting together with several geeks over tea to talk about the issues of the week. Or, maybe, just get into an argument about programming languages like we did last week.
6. Blogs we dig. Or is that Digg? Anyway, I have a few blogs that are killer that I haven’t talked much about yet. You know, like Kiruba Shankar, who is helping plan a BlogCamp in India.
7. Digital Divas. Maryam and a few other smart people at PodTech want to do this videochunk.
8. Podcast and videoblog news. Cool video blogs from around the net. Not just Ze Frank, either.

Anyway, looking for ideas. This is still in the “mix the cement” stage, so it’s really easy to change things. If it’s lame, tell me that too. I’d rather hear that now than in a few weeks when we get the first show up.

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  1. is it just me or is that one motherfuckin lame menu of options ? Just call it ‘shitTVforRetards’ and at least be honest…..

  2. is it just me or is that one motherfuckin lame menu of options ? Just call it ‘shitTVforRetards’ and at least be honest…..

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