GM is using Flickr

Diego Rodriguez writes about how General Motors is using Flickr.

Here’s one thing I learned from Thomas Hawk, though. He says if you want a lot of traffic from Google Images that you have to upload your images using Google’s Picasa instead of to Yahoo’s service.

Sounds like Google is penalizing Flickr, right? Well, probably not explicitly Thomas told me. Instead Google’s algorithm biases on URL names. So, if you are searching Google Images for “Cool Cars” then Google will bring back images with the name in the URL.┬áPicasa, when it uploads, includes the file names you give your photos in the URL. Flickr changes those to numbers.

Oh, and the melons? They were in the Stanford Mall today. Nice melons, huh?

Heheh. I just wanted to write a post with a cool car photo in it.

FinePrint “changes the way you’ll use your printer”

One thing I’ve come to appreciate about blogging is that people I trust write me stuff and it comes to my RSS News Aggregator. Here’s an awesome example. Scott Hanselman is a developer I’ve known and come to trust (he works with my brother, for instance) and here he raves about FinePrint — says “I literally can’t overstate how much this application has changed the way I use my computer and my printer.”