Is Akismet down?

I’ve grown so used to the awesome spam blocker that includes for free (it comes from Akismet, which is owned by Automattic, the same folks who do WordPress).

But tonight a TON of spam got through. So, I wonder if Akismet is down or if something got horked?

By the way, if Matt Mullenweg is reading this, can you let me see older comments on the comment page? I can only see the last few comments and when I get a spam storm like this it makes it very difficult to be sure that I deleted them all. Same on the spam page. Let me see hundreds, not just the last few.

Other cool things from nofoo

The wine is disappearing, but the talk is getting good. We’re about to go upstairs for some sushi. Anyway, Bud kept a list of the cool things we talked about and here it is. 

Don told us how he survived without a TV: TVRSS.NET. He also told us that rocks. It’s “eBay for loans” he says. Great way to make small investments, you tell the system what interest rate you want to earn and how much risk you’re willing to put up with and people bid on taking your loan. Pierre, one of the founders of eBay is behind this.

He recommends using UTorrent to download shows.

Hasan Diwan told us about Consumerist, which is a site that encourages people to post their customer service problems.

Bud Ozborn told us about a new beta service he’s been playing with: Freenigma. It’s a way to encrypt your Hotmail or Gmail email.

Nofoo talking about Amazon S3

It’s interesting, in three hours I’ve learned more things than I learned at any other geek party. And that’s after forgetting half of the cool stuff because of the Windy Point red wine we’re drinking.

Don MacAskill, founder of SmugMug is here telling us about how they are switching to Amazon’s S3. This is huge.

SmugMug has 300 terabytes. Terabytes!!! Of data.

Don is telling us how he’s moving over to Amazon S3. He said it saved his ass after someone accidentally took down a server rack and they had everything backed up on Amazon. See, he’s built redundancy into his data center. Every photo you upload gets copied to two hard drives.

But, Don is getting rid of that second backup and putting it on Amazon S3. He says that Amazon S3 is amazing and lower cost than the drives in his own data center.

More interesting things from nofoo soon.

nofoo view

Yeah, we might not have tons of geeks at an exclusive camp out. We might not be over at Stanford coding up with the cool kids. But, we have some good views! Nofoo is on, come on over and visit us. We’ll be at the Half Moon Bay Ritz until 6 p.m. tonight. Bring some food, drinks, and $7 for the valet.


How the blog trust network works (Red Hot Chili Peppers in Fresno tomorrow)

The other day someone asked me “why should I trust blogs?” I gave a pretty good answer about how the system self corrects (it’s really important to read my comments, for instance, cause if I am blowing smoke up your behind someone like LayZ will point it out in a couple of minutes, sometimes he’s wrong, but a lot of times he’s right. If he’s right other people will join the pile on).

Anyway, here’s one way I trust what people tell me. If they build a relationship with me, like Drew Meyers did, then I generally trust them unless they prove unreliable some other way. Drew, by the way, has free tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Fresno, CA, tomorrow night. Anyone want to go? He’d like to see a donation to a charity in return for the tickets.

But that’s an aside. Here’s an example of how something that I didn’t know about percolates through the blogosphere and onto my screen. I subscribe to about 100 RSS feeds of bloggers that I trust. Overtime they continue bringing me an interesting stream of stuff. Marc Canter, for instance, started the company that became Macromedia and later was sold to Adobe. He’s an interesting guy and I’ve known him for years. If he tells me something is a “must read” generally he’s right 99% of the time. So, today he pulled that on me.

Now a link stream has my attention, big time. So, I head over to Mark Cuban’s blog. Another guy I trust. Heck, he runs the Dallas Mavericks and is one of the best bloggers around. He links me on to Rahul Sood’s blog.

Now, I’ve never read Rahul before. So, I have no idea about whether this guy is good or not. But Mark Cuban says he’s the president and CTO of VoodooPC, and is also a “buddy and supergeek.” So, I click over to Rahul’s post about his discussions with Michael Dell.

That’s a gesture of major support. And, it tells me that this is something I’d probably be interested in (cause I’m interested in geeky stuff, and that’s what I’ve promised you, my readers too. Geeky stuff is good. Cat photos, even funny ones, are bad).

And that’s the story of how this link got on my blog. It indeed is a great post.