nofoo view

Yeah, we might not have tons of geeks at an exclusive camp out. We might not be over at Stanford coding up with the cool kids. But, we have some good views! Nofoo is on, come on over and visit us. We’ll be at the Half Moon Bay Ritz until 6 p.m. tonight. Bring some food, drinks, and $7 for the valet.



  1. [...] What I think Tim is still missing out on, however, is that the Spirit of BarCamp is very at odds with the competitive angst and jealousy that spurs events like NoFoo (no offense Robot, but why define your event by what it’s not? i.e. BarCamp isn’t an “unconference” — it’s an “ad hoc gathering” as it says on our homepage). And, Tim, I’d humbly suggest that you consider your own advice: Stop worrying about what Winer thinks. [...]