Other cool things from nofoo

The wine is disappearing, but the talk is getting good. We’re about to go upstairs for some sushi. Anyway, Bud kept a list of the cool things we talked about and here it is. 

Don told us how he survived without a TV: TVRSS.NET. He also told us that Prosper.com rocks. It’s “eBay for loans” he says. Great way to make small investments, you tell the system what interest rate you want to earn and how much risk you’re willing to put up with and people bid on taking your loan. Pierre, one of the founders of eBay is behind this.

He recommends using UTorrent to download shows.

Hasan Diwan told us about Consumerist, which is a site that encourages people to post their customer service problems.

Bud Ozborn told us about a new beta service he’s been playing with: Freenigma. It’s a way to encrypt your Hotmail or Gmail email.