Sad days…

I was over at Matt Cutts blog where he is relieved I am not talking about Google so that he can take the day off. But, while over there someone in his comments said “RIP Steve Irwin” and several others said “sad day” etc. So, I head over to Google News to read the sad news. He was the famous “Crocodile Hunter” that I, and millions of others,¬†enjoyed watching on TV.

Then, over on Jory Des Jardin’s blog I learn that Craig Cline had died¬†(she was with him when he died and wrote that up, I actually found out from Dave Winer, who linked to Jory’s blog this morning). He was the head of programming for Seybold. They had a famous conference for publishers (I had attended back in the 1990s).

Bummer. Hope your day is going better.