ScobleShow Trailer (and tonight’s geek dinner report)

I just uploaded a short preview of what will come soon on the first week of to my Blip.TV channel. Thanks to Ryanne and Jay for editing this up.

UPDATE: Shel Israel sat in on an interview I did the other day and gives his overly-kind impressions. Thanks Shel, really means a lot to me. I am having a ball. Yes, I definitely am looking to get new ideas and new people on the show. The first couple of weeks I focused a bit to much on people I already knew, but, then this is a bootstrap and it’ll get better. One thing I keep noticing is that women aren’t showing up to our free and open to the public blogger meetups (tonight yet again only men showed up). That’s really causing me troubles cause I like relying on face-to-face meetings with people.

What do I mean by that? Well, tonight I met a bunch of great people, including David Armano who has the very fine Logic+Emotion blog (it was featured in Business Week this week). Now, I’m far more likely to remember David because he made a deep impression on me when meeting face-to-face (he looks a lot like Vic Gundotra, actually) and now that I’m reading his blog I see that it’s an awesome look at design, among other things. Subscribed.

Is there someone else who has a better design blog? Probably. But David is the one who I’ll remember and his feed is in my news reader now so he’ll remind me of him everytime he posts.

Jeremiah has a good writeup and photos from the dinner.

HP has major ethical problem, day 16

Well, just dropped Christopher Coulter off. Had a great few days hanging out with him. Funny, the HP story just gets worse and worse (all the major radio/TV business news shows are doing tons of coverage on the story due to a Washington Post article that shared that they wanted to insert moles into newsrooms). He’s hearing it’s going to get even worse for HP. Why is this board still in place?

Until this board gets kicked out the HP way is just being dragged through the mud, spit on, kicked in the groin, and worse.