ScobleShow update

OK, looks like everything is going well so we should be up and running sometime Monday evening with the ScobleShow. If you missed it, here’s a teaser for the first day’s show. Included here are Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, Don MacAskill, CEO of SmugMug, Jeremy Wright, CEO of B5 Media, Thomas Hawk, photographer, Andrew Field, CEO of Printing for Less, Steve Gillmor calls my cell phone, Geoffrey Arone, cofounder Flock, Joe Krauss, CEO of JotSpot, among others. Starting to sound like an interesting show. If it doesn’t kill me first.

No more HP, why I love Blip.TV

Maryam’s driving, I’m answering email. Seems that’s the best time to answer email these days. Today was really busy. Scrapblog is awesome. Like a cross between desktop publishing software and WordPress. Photographers are going to love it. Jajah is awesome too. But can’t say much more cause they aren’t allowed to talk until they show their new stuff off at Demo next week.

Anyway, I see a few of my favorite readers are tired of me talking about HP. OK, heard and understood. I won’t write any more about HP unless something dramatic happens.

Why do I love Blip.TV┬á(a great videoblogging service)? The CEO, Mike Hudack just posted his cell phone number and said “call me if you have any trouble.” He didn’t do this to just me, but everyone in the videoblogging mailing list. Imagine if every CEO did that.

Dunn done is just the start for cleanup at HP

Patricia Dunn is gone from HP. PodTech was at the press conference and Catherine is working right now on getting up the audio from the press conference as well as a story about what she learned at the press conference although the story is already well out as you can see from Google News about HP. OK, that’s a start. Now it’s time to clean out the rest of the board. And fire the ethics officer who just wrote to his colleagues that he wished he didn’t ask about the legality of the situation — ethics officers need to learn that they BETTER stay on the right line of the law AND of our privacy. And, Mark Hurd too. He’s seriously tainted in this whole thing. He needs to go too.

HP needs a fresh start and a message needs to be sent to other corporate executives that they better not even THINK of abusing people’s privacy.

Oh, this is my first post from the fast lane of FWY 280 while Maryam is driving. Just another day in Silicon Valley. ­čÖé

UPDATE: David Berlind has a podcast and report from the press conference up. PodTech’s is up now.

UPDATE 2: In CEO Hurd’s defense at least he was contrite and took responsibility. Something that Patricia never did. But the smell from this still remains. I doubt Patricia is the last one to go.

UPDATE 3: The ethics officer was fired, along with another employee.

Open Hack Day: no weapons please, except for your compiler

I’m at a lunch with Yahoo right now talking about next weekend’s Open Hack Day┬á(next Friday and Saturday). This is a lot bigger deal than I expected. Yahoo is opening its corporate doors to any geek who wants to come and code. I wish I could go, but then I’m not really geeky enough (translation: I’ll be at the Podcast and Portable┬áMedia Expo. I’m not geeky enough cause I don’t use a compiler. If you do, you should come on down).

It’s free, open to everyone (but you’ll be happier if you like building Web stuff) and you’ll meet all the top coders at Yahoo and they’ll have lots of goodies and entertainment too. If you’re trying to figure out what Yahoo is doing with its various APIs this is a good place to come too.

Where did the “no weapons please” request come from? Well, Chad Dickerson just put a picture up of famous coder Eric S. Raymond who is holding a gun. Eric is welcome, but not with his gun.

This effort was built on top of earlier camps like FOO and BAR and if you build something cool you’ll have a chance to show it off at the end of the weekend and get your peers’ feedback. Maybe even earn yourself a job at Yahoo or get some PR for your work (Geek Entertainment TV will be there).