Saturday Breakfast

I gotta start recording our fun breakfasts we do on Saturday mornings in Half Moon Bay.

I blame it all on Evelyn “surf the tsunami” Rodriguez. She keeps bringing fantastic people into our lives. This morning she got us up to meet at the Half Moon Bay Airport (a quaint little affair where you can fly your private airplane up to the Three-Zero cafe, which is where we met for breakfast).

Maybe soon we could get Doug Kaye or Jeremy Zawodny (both pilots who are geeks and bloggers too, so just my idea of great people to hang out with on a Saturday) to fly over for brunch.

Anyway, today Evelyn introduced us to Theresa Williamson, one of the founders of Tango Diva, a site for women who travel the world, and her husband. Theresa is one of those people who, when you meet her, you instantly like. She’s flown all over the world and is writing a book about the 50 best places to visit in the world if you’re a woman and you’re traveling alone. She does her homework. Is about to leave on a cross-Europe tour.

I asked her what the most interesting museum she’d ever visited was. I was expecting something like Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, or the Smithsonian, or the Lovre in Paris. But, no, she said the Icelandic Phallological Museum. Yes, a museum run by a scientist all about penises. I’ve heard it all now.

Anyway, you can read more about Theresa here. Funny, we discovered that she lives just a few houses away from me. Wild.

Happy Birthday Podcasting!

It’s the third birthday of Podcasting (Dave Winer explains). I should, once again, admit that my book got it wrong. Christopher Lydon did the first podcast. Naked Conversations gave credit to someone else.

Anyway, it’s amazing how big podcasting has become in just three years.

What’s your favorite podcast?

Save Skype at SJSU

Ahh, the nerds in charge are trying to turn off Skype at San Jose State University. Of course the podcasting class is pissed. So, what did they do? They blogged it. Caused a stink. And the stink is getting bigger.

I hope they kick IT’s ass. At Microsoft I couldn’t use Skype either. It always pissed me off. How did I get back at them? I got Verizon Wireless. Why? Cause the f***ers couldn’t block me then. That’s how to fight the man. Oh, and I expensed it so the man paid, too! 😉  

I really love Democracy Player, new way to subscribe to audio/video feeds

I’m starting to subscribe more and more to audiocasts and videocasts (formerly known as podcasts). But the usual clients suck. Yes, even iTunes. Especially for viewing video.

For the past few days I’ve been playing with Democracy Player and it sure is nice. Plays videos large. Cool and friendly UI.

What do you think? I also like, but its UI looks dated compared with Democracy Player. So does the new iTunes.

Oh, and Microsoft is surveying people about RSS. Should be interesting to see those results. I think the methodology is weird, though. Open Internet surveys are not accurate. To get that you need to do what Nielsen does with TV surveys: randomly call people. But, I filled it out anyway, only took a minute or so.

Will Apple sue (My employer)

Hmmm, seems like Apple is sending lawyers out after companies using the word “Podcast.” I wonder if PodTech is next?

Leo Laporte says it’s time for the entire industry to stop using the word “podcast.” I agree. Now that Apple is trying to be onerous about taking ownership here, it’s time to move on.

I’m not sure about Leo’s suggestion of “netcast,” though. I’d like to make a differentiation between different kinds of media. “Audiocast” and “videocast” are better ones in my view. That way I can say to my friends “hey, did you see Ze Frank’s latest videocast?”

What do you think?

UPDATE: Apple actually is going after companies who are infringing on its trademark on the word “pod.”