Zune vs. iPod comparisons

I just saw this list of Zune vs. iPod comparisons over on the Zune Insider Blog. I still don’t have enough data. But my son just bought an 80GB iPod. It’ll be interesting to try a Zune out.

Speaking of which, I’ll be up in Seattle on October 5 and 6th (I’m interviewing Steve Wozniak at the University of Washington) and I’d love to come up and interview the Zune team. Anyone interested up in Microsoft land showing off a Zune on video?

It’s angry week

Mooommmmmmyyyyyy! Ze Frank used a bad word. Says it’s “angry week.”

Dang, someone made Ze mad. Oh, Ze, I’ve been doing that myself. I made the entire IT industry mad. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called IT people who block Skype bad names. Bad, Scoble, bad!

That was a vicious flame by Ze, though. It took me back to my first flame war. Back on Prodigy. Who else was on that service back in the 1980s?

Don’t know what a flamewar is? Wikipedia has a whole entry on it. Is there anything Wikipedia doesn’t know about?

New advertising models opening up? (New guy over on Channel 9)

I love TechMeme. Today the blogs are going crazy over a new advertising scheme that puts paid posts over on TechMeme.

It’s interesting that the love for this idea is widespread and deep (at least looking at the blogs I could find). Very few complainers. That’s rare, especially on blogs.

What does that mean?

I think it’s because we love TechMeme so we’ll hold our criticisms because we  know Gabe has to pay for servers and his housing and all that. He hasn’t been paid for a while since starting TechMeme.

I love this, but I find what Doc Searls is saying on this topic to be very deep. He thinks there’s “something else” out there as an advertising method.

Since I was at Wells Fargo today I’ve been thinking there’s gotta be a better way for a company to get into the conversation than buying an ad and hoping that people will talk about them just because they have an ad.

As Doc says, that seems inefficient.

I keep going back to Channel 9. Wasn’t that an advertisement? Wasn’t it one that people linked to? Yes. We had to earn every link cause no one would link to us from the Microsoft.com home page. 

I think that “pull advertising” like Channel 9 is where something interesting will still happen. Most companies still haven’t learned the power of this approach: having video conversations with interesting low-cost, no committee done content, a wiki where anyone can participate, putting its customers on its home page, letting them say “you suck,” and including RSS feeds for everything.

Until that day when all companies understand Channel 9 and what happened there and how to replicate it, we’ll see the need for advertising that intrudes in our lives somehow (which is really what TechMeme’s new advertising is — it’s companies with money pushing their way into a conversation that was happening).

I’m taking that money too (my show has a sponsor already, more on that later) but I far prefer the advertising that isn’t intrusive, but sits in the corner of the room waiting for people to come over and check it out on their own terms.

Anyway, for now, I’m very happy that Gabe is getting paid because I want TechMeme to go on and get bigger and better (and more personalized) and that costs money. So, I will check out all of Gabe’s sponsors and support them as much as possible because they are supporting something I love.

Speaking of Channel 9, they have a new video guy (Rory Blyth, announced today in an interview). I love that they point out that Rory is not a Robert Scoble replacement. Heheh, I was always trying to copy Rory anyway. Why? He’s funny.

I remember the time when he refused to shake a top Microsoft VP’s hand and offered that he doesn’t touch other people because they might have fecal matter on their hands (seriously, he said this, out in a public space with other people as witnesses).

Anyone that brave is a winner in my book. I can’t compare. Wow, now I’ll need to watch Channel 9. Guaranteed not to have any fecal matter on their hands.

Riding Theresa’s horse on her videoblog

We showed Theresa how to videoblog this weekend and she put up a ride on her horse. Love it! You get to see the beautiful place we live. Oh, and Theresa, if you keep saying nice things about me I’ll keep bringing more bottles of wine over on Saturday evenings. Just don’t give away our secret, OK?Speaking of my video blog, the engineers are hard at work and say they’ll have my page up sometime tonight (the URL will be http://www.scobleshow.com). They still don’t know what time, so looks like a long night for me as I wait to see if it’ll all work well.

Last night Maryam interviewed Dori Smith (oh, OK, I stuck my nose into the interview too) and she was wonderful. I loved her little office, right behind a winery (isn’t THAT a perfect setup?)

Anyway, today was nutty. Had a meeting with Wells Fargo, then onto meeting with Technorati’s founder Dave Sifry. Of course all this was under “frieNDA” (short for Friendly NDA) but you’ll find out soon what we’re all up to. It’ll be lots of fun, that’s for sure. By the way, Technorati has some things up its sleeve that will be most interesting to play tag with.