YouTube topic of the day

Everyone I met today asked me what I thought of YouTube’s rumor. The blogs certainly are lit up, which demonstrates well that if you get blogs to talk about you, it’s probably a pretty good predictor that other people are talking about the same thing too.

$1.6 billion. Whew. And all I got was a cool YouTube sticker for my tripod. Heheh.

Lots of people think Google is nuts for buying YouTube, if this rumor proves to be correct. I don’t. When you have an audience that large and that engaged you’ll be able to find a way to turn that into dollars. And, for someone like Google, it means more than that even. It means a way to keep it out of Yahoo’s and Microsoft’s hands.

Engineers always talk that way, though “I could build that in a week.” Bullshit, I answer. You might be able to clone the technology but you’ll never get the community to move.

Remember all the eBay competitors back in the late 1990s? I do. They almost always had better technology than eBay, but still failed. Why? This is a rock star business.

You can’t copy the Beatles. If you try you’ll be destined to play in high school auditoriums forever.

That’s why YouTube is worth the $1.6 billion. It’s the access to a group of people who won’t move anywhere else.