Meet another entrepreneur: Evan Krauss of Cuts

I’m very fortunate to be able to get around and see a wide variety of companies and entrepreneur’s from the biggest like eBay and Google to the smallest of startups.

Here’s Evan Krauss, CEO of Cuts (in two segments: six minute demo and a 13 minute interview). Cuts makes a system that lets you edit movies. Turns out there’s a lot of parents out there who want to cut out violent or sexual material from the movies their kids see and Cuts lets you do it. It also lets you mashup your own movie compilations.

Thanks David for coming to dinner tonight

David Dalka called me up tonight cause he read that Maryam and I were hanging out in Chicago for the evening. That was a nice surprise. He is excited about giving his first public speech at the eComXpo on October 24-26. It’s a free to attend virtual conference.

I remember the first time I spoke in front of a conference audience. Don Box was there (he’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen). I was so nervous! I couldn’t hold my hands steady.

It felt like I had just jumped into a pool of icewater. I couldn’t get my breath.

So, I’m always happy when more people try it out. I still suck at it, though. I’ve been thinking about going to Toastmasters to get better at it.

When I interviewed Woz last week he said when he was a kid he’d never go on stage — had to be prodded to show off his Apple I at the Homebrew Computer Society.

How about you, what keeps you from giving speeches at user groups or conferences?

Social Media Club — getting on first base

If you enjoy talking about things like Flickr, Vizrea, YouTube, BlueDot, LinkedIn, WordPress, TypePad, MySpace, or if you’re someone involved in building such you probably would enjoy Chris Heuer’s new Social Media Club. The first meeting is on October 23. Lisa Stone, of BlogHer, and I are giving an interactive workshop for high tech communications professionals.SAP, PR Newswire, Fleishman Hillard are sponsoring.

Of course we could argue about whether this Nokia advertisement on YouTube helps or hurts their brand. Chris Locke, one of the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto, talked about that ad. So, first goal of advertising (to get you to think about the brand and talk about it with your friends) has been accomplished. That ad was created by Brand Tacticians. What’s the second goal? Get you to start a conversation. Back in the 1990s when I did advertising for a small camera/AV store in San Jose, my advertising was always aimed at getting you to come into my store. I knew that if I could get you to come into my store there was a pretty good chance of getting to third goal, which is to buy something. Home run? When you came back a second time. That’s when I knew I had converted you into a longterm customer.

Anyway, come join us, will be fun. A few spaces are still available. Costs $150 (I am doing this for free).

Mobile blogging goodness with Brad Chase

Brad Chase. Remember the name? He was the Microsoft executive who led the Internet Explorer team against Netscape.

Recently he dropped by my office for a 16-minute long chat and a look at Vizrea, a cool mobile photo and video blogging service that he is on the board of directors for. He did a separate 12 minute demo, in case you’re less interested in what Brad has to say and what Vizrea does.

More videos coming tomorrow (and every day for at least the next three weeks).