Tour Engadget guy’s cribb

You know Engadget, right? That’s the coolest site to learn about the latest gadgets. Well, Ryan Block, managing editor, invited me into his home to take a tour of the gadget king’s lair. It’s a fun, albeit long, interview with tons of gadgets from HDTVs to cameras to the latest Blackberries and cell phones. Ryan knows his gadgets and his house is like a mini consumer electronics show.

Also on ScobleShow is Sphere’s CEO showing off a cool new bookmarklet for bloggers and the CEO of, showing off its new shopping search engine.

Oh, and congratulations to Rocketboom on its 500th show!

PodTech has lots of famous geeks on today. Here Geek Entertainment TV has an interview with Mark Cuban. I was there yesterday too, and Mark sure holds no punches. Quotamatic! Heheh, I didn’t know Irina was a pervert. You’ll have to listen to the interview to get the context of THAT. 😉

Here’s my own videoshoot with Mark Cuban, while we sat at lunch.

Edelman gets Windows Vista launch account

PR Week is reporting that Edelman is taking over the Microsoft Windows Vista account. That underscores that Edelman and Microsoft need even more transparency at this time into what they are going to do with bloggers.

This is a big deal and a big loss for Waggener Edstrom.

UPDATE: Mary Jo Foley wrote me and said that Edelman didn’t take the Windows Vista PR account from Waggener Edstrom, just the one-day launch in January. Sorry for the error.

Apple’s PR is “blame it on Microsoft”

Yeah, Paul, I was just reading through my feeds (I just shared a ton of items on my link blog) and noticed that Apple has been taking a lot of crap for blaming its shipping a virus on Microsoft. That WAS classless. Paul Mooney called it right.

By the way, I’m hearing about all sorts of problems with Apple’s MacBooks (and Maryam’s MacBookPro runs very hot). Maybe Apple should take the log out of its own eye?

Speaking of saying what I think, Doc Searls did that today on a post about PayPerPost.