Touching the Wetpaint during Lunch Meeting with Irina and Eddie

We did a Lunch Meeting today (LunchMeet is Eddie Codel and Irina Slutsky‘s new show). We’ll do one a week for now (on Thursdays) to build our process. In November we’ll try to go more — want to make sure we can keep up with the encoding, editing, and publishing. We filmed this today during lunch. In the background you might see Om Malik, Tony Conrad, or Matt Mullenweg walking around. We filmed it in True Ventures offices on Pier 38.

Anyway, while I ran camera Wetpaint‘s CEO, Ben Elowitz, demonstrated this hot new wiki user-editable service. Pretty cool stuff!

The traffic noise is due to filming right next to the Embarcadero with light rail and busses rolling by. We’ll work on that next. Always something to improve in the land of Internet video.

Irina and Eddie do another show, called Geek Entertainment TV, where they have snarky fun with lots of geeks (yesterday they had Mark Cuban on).

If you wanna have your cool company over for lunch, drop a line here in the comments or email

Why do I love YouTube?

Cause of crap like this. Can you tell I don’t have TV? I’m missing the baseball playoffs. Sigh. But, I can’t stop watching this video, either. I wonder if these kids are gonna regret this when they are 40 years old.