Ahh, Giovanni Rodriguez links to a “making of a Scoble video” video. Yes, the camera was aimed at the cameraguy. Me. Transparency all around.

Google and Microsoft were both wonderful today. I got so many videos to get up. And while I was out today another 134 emails came in. I’m so deep in email deficit that I’ll never catch up. Sorry if I haven’t answered you back.

Microsoft Zune in depth

Last time I was at Microsoft I met with the Zune team and got this in-depth look at Zune (the iPod competitor).

I have some strong thoughts on Zune, but I want to keep them to myself until tomorrow. It’s better for you to just watch the video and give your two cents first.

What do you think now that you’ve had a good chance to hear from the Zune team? I asked all the hard question in this interview.

Google’s new personalized search engine talk of town

Everyone’s talking about Google’s new personalized search engine. Here Vik Singh made a personalized search engine of just tech stuff. He explains how he did it here. Much more on this over on TechMeme. Wow, the blogs are going nuts about this.

Well, I’m off to see the folks in Google’s Kirkland office, then I’m off to building 42 at Microsoft. Sorry for not answering my email. I’m in total email deficit. More than 800 unanswered. Sigh.

Zillow has the nicest real estate in Web 2.0 industry

Really great visit with Zillow today. They are less than a year old. Their business plan called for having a million visitors by today. So far they have more than three.

Look for an announcement from them to show up on TechCrunch soon. Soon being within days. I don’t break news anymore, I just do videos.

Anyway, they have the nicest offices in the Web 2.0 world that I’ve seen so far. They are in the Wells Fargo building in downtown Seattle on the 46’th floor and have stunning views that wrap around all sides of the building.

They arranged each of their areas into “cul de sacs” around a window display.

Not many corporate offices can beat their arrangements and views.

Anyway, onto Google now.


Sometimes I wish I had more time to blog. Today is one of those times. Google’s new custom searches is awesome. But, in a few minutes I’m off to meet the Zillow team. Then over to Google in Kirkland, WA (Google Talk and lots more developed there). Then over to Microsoft to meet with the Expression team (the Web tool I derided a few weeks back). Then to a dinner with other Blog Business Summit speakers. I gotta get a haircut fit in there too. If you see me zipping by, say hi!