See a demo of what JotSpot sold to Google today

Congrats to JotSpot for selling to Google. (JotSpot is an online Office, er Wiki, suite).

One reason I have interviewed almost all the Wiki companies in my first five weeks of ScobleShow is because I sensed that the Wiki market was white hot. Why? Cause on a post a few months back my comments went crazy. Your interest predicted a deal like this. I predict others are coming.

My interview with Joe Kraus, just a couple of months ago, is here. Here is a demo of JotSpot that Joe did.

Google has definitely gotten over its “not invented here” syndrome with the purchase of YouTube and now JotSpot. They are buying audiences and best-of-breed technologies, which JotSpot definitely was.

Microsoft’s Office team should be looking at this acquisition this morning and wondering what Google is up to.

It’s pretty clear to me: Google is going where the money is.