Socialtext brings wikis and more to Sharepoint

“But I thought Sharepoint was already getting a wiki,” you might say after hearing the latest news that Socialtext (one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Wiki vendor) is bringing Socialtext to Microsoft’s Sharepoint platform. That might be true, but Socialtext is a lot more than what Microsoft is putting in, not to mention that Microsoft’s Wiki functionality hasn’t shipped yet. Anyway, congrats to Ross Mayfield, one of the truly nice guys in this business. He wrote more about this on his blog.

4Info, searching with your cell phone (and more)

I liked Zaw Thet, CEO at 4Info. He gave me an interesting demo and interview of what his company is enabling on cell phones. USA Today is including their service on the front pages of its sports sections so you can get scores. Pretty cool stuff and makes sense in a world where more and more people are getting cell phones and Blackberries with keyboards.

With their latest platform you can even get blogs on your phone. Video demo here.

DisclosePerPost is my policy

Damn, the PayPerPost PR machine continues to pull me in. Yes, all the negative PR about it makes it more interesting as a business.

It’s like some kind of virus has gotten into the blogosphere. It’s all over TechMeme right now.

Anyway, I don’t think PayPerPost’s disclosure policy goes far enough. Having a global disclosure policy is a start, but in the world of search engines and aggregation sites and feed readers we need a DisclosePerPost policy.

What’s so hard about putting a disclosure on each post? Something like:

DISCLOSURE: My sponsor, Seagate, sponsored this post. Read all about their new encrypted hard drive over at Google News.

I like Andrew Bourland’s idea, though, for how I could make a lot of money. Instead of selling a post he recommends selling my whole blog. He thinks he could get me $25,000. Hmmm.

In response to Shelley Powers, AOL hasn’t offered to do anything for me. But, I agree with Shelley. I should just sponsor Shelley’s blog. I like her photography and her books on JavaScript rock.

I wasn’t paid to say that (and, don’t take my word on it, get a second opinion, but you’ll find that most people agree with me about her photo and JavaScript skills).

Does not getting paid make my endorsement more or less likely to be believed or acted on?

Anyway, my disclosure policy? If I take money to say something I will disclose IN MY POST where I write about them. That way if you find my post over on Technorati or Sphere you’ll know about my biases even if you never visit my blog.

I still think PayPerPost is brilliant. Instead of paying some SEO expert thousands of dollars you can just hire PayPerPost to do a better job for far less money (a link from a blogger, particularly if you get that blogger to use the right keywords when they link is worth FAR more than any link farm or other “black hat SEO” techniques and is far less likely to get your company removed from Yahoo or Google or Just remember folks, that $20 you took to write about a company is helping them move up the result set in Google/Yahoo/Live. So, when search gets “noisier” you know who to blame.

Anti-disclosure. Seagate didn’t really pay me to post about that here. They got this post for free cause I really appreciate their sponsorship of ScobleShow.

“Vox”ing our private blogs

Several people have added me recently to their private Vox blogs (Vox just started up last week, is done by SixApart, who brought us Moveable Type and TypePad, but many of the early adopter types were on the beta). I am sorry to admit that I “poopooed” Vox as something for “other people.” I didn’t get it.

But after seeing that there’s some value to blogging to just your family or your friends or a small group of people I have to admit I was wrong about Vox. 

Vox is pretty darn cool. I told Matt Mullenweg (founder of, the folks who publish my blog here) yesterday that he should get into Vox and see what’s going on cause tons of people that I trust are doing the Vox thing. It’ll be interesting to see how WordPress responds. I’d certainly like to have a blog where I could post something just to my friends and/or family.

Blog cause you want to (and include sex in your headlines)

I love this photo, taken by Rommel, of Zaadz.

It was during Maryam and my talk at the Blog Business Summit, titled “10 ways to a killer blog.”

There are some good reports from our session. We joked around about ways to get bloggers to pay attention. One of the ideas was to include sex in your headlines, which got everyone to laugh. Anyway, here’s the best of the reports I found:

Paul Cheney.
Janet Lee Johnson.
Andru Edwards.
Denise Wakeman.
Barry Hurd.
Dustin Luther.

And, of course, thank you to Hugh Macleod for letting us use his great cartoons.

Oh, and after reading this post of Hugh’s I realize why my blog sucks. I’ve been trying to make everyone happy. Well, screw that.

Can you tell we were stuck in a snowstorm today and am punchy? Heheh. Sitting here in a restaurant in Seattle’s airport thinking about how I’m going to go back to writing a blog for one person.

How about Dori Smith? I think I’ll try to find one thing tomorrow that’ll make her happy. The rest of you can go read Digg. 🙂