Google Master Plan 2.0 Revealed

Let’s see if this headline can get on Digg. Heheh. Yeah, it points to my interview with the Google Reader team. Yes, I linked to that in an earlier, less sensationalisticly-headlined post. Am I a traffic whore? Yes. Next question. 😉

Or, should I just give into the dark side of the force and put lots of funky icons like these underneath my blog post in a deseparate attempt to get you to add my post to sites like and Digg and BlueDot?

Hmmm, if I was a really good traffic beggar I’d even make the link to Digg prepopulate. Ahh, my evil plan for domination over Digg is almost complete.

Oh, damn, Digg just released a new algortihm to make it harder to get on the front page of Digg. Sigh.