I’m on RSS Ray

Wow, I’ve been on a lot of radio shows, but this is one of the most professional I’ve ever been on: RSS Ray. I’m on air now.

I’ve subscribed. Based on my emails lots of you listen to this show, which is for marketers who are looking to keep up on what’s going on in the industry.

Why I love Maryam

Maryam and Robert

Thanks to Thomas Hawk for making that image last week in Seattle.

Tomorrow is our fourth wedding anniversary.

How do you write a love note for someone as cool, as important, as interesting, as literate, as cuddly, as funny, as smart, as cute, as Maryam?

I can’t.

But she means the world to me. I don’t always demonstrate that. In fact, usually I’m a self-absorbed egotistical ahole with Maryam. It’s easy to take a giver for granted. And she gives and gives and I take and take.

Anyway, my life would be 1/10th 1/1000th as interesting without her.

She is, simply, the best. And that’s why I love her.