Whew, the flowers showed up

Today was a day of working at home. Damn I have a lot of email. I didn’t get to my editing. Sigh. Anyway, glad the flowers showed up. That’s called “survival” for a married guy. Heheheh.

My Ford let me down, though. $600 for a 30,000 mile service, $500 for new brakes and rotors. $500 for new tires. And I have a bent wheel (I have no idea how that happened) that needs replacing too. Sigh.

Yeah, I’m paying a premium because it’s a Ford dealership, but not much. I’ll take it around and try to save a little bit on costs, though (Silicon Valley is expensive, keep that in mind). Maryam wants me to buy a new car instead. That’s called spending $20,000 to get out of a $2,000 problem.