Why I do long videos and tell mass audiences to go elsewhere

Andrew Bourland notices that the way to build an audience is to do short videos. Beet.TV is kicking my a&&.

But, as Kathy Sierra teaches us, it’s not all about size of audience. I used to get that request over at Microsoft all the time.

See, you assume I’m going after a mass audience. If I were I would have posted my “Surfing porn shootout: Firefox 2 vs. IE 7” post already. THAT would have gotten a mass audience. Of course it would earn me a divorce, too. 🙂

Instead I post long videos of Thomas Hawk shooting pumpkins. THAT will NEVER get a mass audience. First of all it’s only going to be interesting to people who care about photography and, even worse, only to those who have digital SLRs.

Same thing when I get a startup or a team from a big company on. How many people REALLY care about RSS readers, for instance? Not many. Probably less than 1% of the overall market.

I’d love to have the passionate ones. That’s who I do my show for.