Intel’s blogger challenge

So, the secret is out, I was the mystery blogger over on the Intel blogger challenge. They offered me a really nice Sony laptop, but I turned it down and did this for free. Call me a sucker but I thought the project was fun enough to participate in without compensation. It is a nice laptop, though. I’ll write more about that later — our deal was that it’s a demo loaner for a month. We’re covering several questions like “why do you blog, what’s your favorite blog, etc.”

Cool feature (tag pages)

I just learned about this recently. Did you know you can go to:

Replace xxxxx with a tag you’re interested in, say, “tech” and you’ll get everyone on (out of more than 400,000 blogs, with tens of thousands of posts per day) who just used the tech tag on a post.

Yes, in case you’re wondering, you can use “sex” as a tag.

What is your favorite tag?