Speaking of linking to other people…

What do you think of my link blog? Should I keep doing it? I’ve found it fun to do. It forces me to read my feeds (and I’ve been subscribing to more lately) but wonder if you get any utility from it?

How many pages do you read on it? Every day I probably post about 50 items or so. Yesterday alone, for instance, I posted 60 items. That means you gotta click on six “more shared items” links.

Interviewing TailRank’s founder then onto the Pirillo pre-plunge-party

Speaking of all this TechMeme horsey business today I’m taking my camcorder over to chat with Kevin Burton, founder of TechMeme competitor TailRank.

What would you like to ask Kevin?

Then, after that, we head over to the SF airport to pick up Chris and Ponzi, who are spending the weekend at the ScobleHaus. I hear we’re going to some bar on Saturday that would have gotten on Valleywag before it gave up its sex focus (which I don’t really believe cause they had pictures of Naked Jen on there).

Yes, it’s the Pirillo bridal party. Or, as Maryam puts it, this is the “pre-plunge party.”

Reports that we’re going to the Laughing Squid party on Saturday night are total unsubstantiated rumors. If we do get there it’ll almost certainly be on Valleywag (Chris has already been on there totally naked, I hope we can convince him to keep his clothes on, but if he takes them off I’m definitely writing something on his chest).

Damn, there’s so much going on this weekend. PodCamp West is in San Francisco too.

Personally, I’m a fan of Mad Mojitos. See ya at the Half Moon Bay Ritz. We’ll be the geeks. If you can’t pick us out of the crowd you just aren’t trying hard enough.

Does being on TechMeme improve your sex life?



You’d think that getting on TechMeme improves your sex life or makes you money or something the way a small group of bloggers are bleating on and on about how TechMeme is unfair or how it’s a travesty that you can get added to TechMeme’s set of algorithm’s just by linking to TechMeme and proving you have enough traffic.

Me? I’ve been on TechMeme dozens of times. All it’s earned me is grief.

Are you worried about the elitism of A list jerks like me?


That’s how you take down the A list. Link, baby, link!

What I find ironic is everyone who complains about TechMeme does nothing but link to TechMeme. They don’t link to a single new and unknown blogger.

Here’s an example. Today Ross Mayfield told me about this cool new site where you can share your PowerPoint slides: SlideShare.net.

Oh, sorry, I’m not playing the game right, am I?

Turns out if you attack the power structures of the Web you’ll get more links than if you just share cool new sites and link to them.


What do I know, I’m just a tired old A-list jerk…

Thanks to Hugh Macleod for the cartoon.