Leo’s “NetAtNite” uses TalkShoe to take callers

Leo Laporte continues innovating on his TWiT network, just started net@nite where he and Amber MacArthur takes calls from listeners. This brings talk radio to the Internet. On today’s show they have Nick Douglas, formerly of Valleyway on, among other things. Very cool show. Destined to go to the top of iTunes. Yes, even better than my show.

Nick Douglas does admit he’s working on a video show, says “video is the future.”

Um, yeah, Nick, I figured that out more than two years ago! 🙂

Oh, Leah Culver has a great advertising idea. She charged to etch logos into her new laptop. Ahh, there’s a GETV logo on there. Hey, I didn’t see THAT expense report yet Eddie! Don’t worry, I’ll approve it. 😉

Neat way to use the ScobleShow

I like what Axosoft did. They gave my viewers a special deal on their development-team software. Just a note: no one on the ScobleShow has paid to get on there. Well, except my sponsor, Seagate, and they haven’t had a video on the show yet (that’ll change tomorrow sometime when an interview I did with Seagate’s CEO will be up, along with a few other videos).

Albert says “steal my content, please!”

He isn’t the only one to ask me to link blog more of his content. Seems that when I link to people they get lots of hits. Maryam saw this effect too.

I’m wondering why this is so? After all, my link blog has the full content of almost anything I put on there.

My theories? You want to read the comments. Or, you want to write one. Or, you love the post so much you want to see what else that person has written. Or, maybe, you want to look at the beautiful design cause you can’t see that in your RSS reader or on my link blog.

So, what is it? Why do you click on links in my link blog?

2007 Predictions…

Alright, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but what the heck? Got any good predictions? I don’t even remember what I predicted last year (they always are wrong so why bother looking back?) but, here’s my first:

Microsoft will issue a press release in February saying “Windows Vista is best selling operating system ever.” This will happen no matter what we say about it.