Stephanie in Switzerland talking about Lush bath products

I have no idea why I’m watching Stephanie Booth (who is a school teacher in Switzerland) video herself talking about Lush bath products, but as long as it doesn’t get me a divorce, I guess it’s OK.

Lush’s stuff sounds like good Christmas gifts to get, though. Stephanie writes more about Lush here. Might be good for male geeks to buy their significant others.

Stephanie is usually ahead of the curve. She got me to start tagging stuff when I met her at LIFT last year. I am a bad Scoble, bad. I haven’t tagged in quite a while. Why? I’m using Windows Live Writer and tagging there isn’t very nice.

Speaking of Maryam, she leaves me little hints that the laundry needs to be done on her blog.

I agree with Doc, killing Flickr, the brand, would open the field up

Doc Searls is among the best marketing minds we have alive today and he warns Yahoo not to kill off the Flickr brand (in response to a thought-provoking post by Richard MacManus which was in response to the now-famous “leaked” memo).

Speaking of Flickr, tomorrow morning you might see us in San Francisco’s tea garden shooting photos with Flickr employee Heather Powazek Champ. Heather’s photography rocks, I’ve been looking forward to spending an hour or two with her and Thomas Hawk (who is CEO of Zooomr, which competes with Flickr).

Flickr is probably my favorite online brand. The fact that Thomas has been trying for months to get me to Zooomr and hasn’t been able to demonstrates how sticky that brand is.

I had to stop blogging for PhilTube

Rich Levin (the guy who first told me blogging was a fad way back in January of 2001) emailed me which pissed me off already cause I’m blogging and didn’t need yet another interruption. But, Rich only sends me good time wasters so I clicked on the link to PhilTube. Hey, Rich, if you’re gonna interrupt my blogging for your links, they better be good. PhilTube doesn’t come up to your usual high bar. But, what the heck, it did give me a blog post, so thanks!

To understand this post, you need to waste your time and watch the video.

Well, now that that’s over, Chris Coulter is upstairs editing videos and I’m doing email. More than 1,000 to go. Yikes, I’m email bankrupt.

What the hell, I’m watching another PhilTube.

Hugh Macleod on video

Steve Clayton does two things. One, gets a video of Hugh Macleod “ScobleShow style.” Hugh writes those cartoons that everyone loves to hate or hates to love or something like that. Me? I love them and can’t wait to hang out with Hugh in London next week. Two: gets me to try out Microsoft’s new Soapbox player interface. Looking good! But what’s up with the 4:3 format? Go 16:9 Microsoft and let’s get rid of the old video format and make it look just as lame on the Web as it does on my HDTV screen at home.