Daily Archives: November 21, 2006

The nicest thing I’ve ever seen written about me

“Friends forever,” Chris Pirillo wrote. And what a sunset we saw on Saturday driving back from PodCamp. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Back at ya buddy.

His wedding is gonna be a lot of fun.

UPDATE: Tom Foremski over on Silicon Valley Watcher videoed Chris (with a bit part by me) at the PodCamp over the weekend about a new content management system he’s working on.

Talking about the hard drive business with my sponsor, Seagate

Here’s a 30-minute uncut interview with Bill Watkins, CEO of Seagate. Disclaimer, Seagate is my sponsor, so I start the interview with “why are you sponsoring my show?”

His answer? That the people he’s interested in reaching (the younger, more tech hip generation) will watch Internet video.

We talk about a variety of other things about what Seagate is trying to do.

Is this an advertisement? Yes. But it’s not like any advertisement I’ve seen on the Internet or on main stream TV.

“This is not your daddy’s disk drive company,” he says.

Some excerpts:

* Seagate had a tough time getting funding back in 1980. Why? The VCs thought no one would want to buy a 5MB hard drive.
* The way Seagate made their new 750GB drive (largest in the industry) is to stand the magnets on end, like a forest of trees, instead of laying them down like has always been done.
* They are going to go beyond just magnetic storage in future generations to build multi-terabyte drives by heating up and cooling the media to enable even tighter storage.
* Seagate is shipping new kinds of storage devices for Windows Vista that combine hard drives and Flash memory, which will speed up the boot time.
* Every TV in the world will have a hard disk on it, or around it, he says.
* “It’s amazing what shit for brains we have in this industry,” he says, when talking about the standards fight between BlueRay and HD-DVD.
* They sell hard drives into Sony’s cameras (and PlayStation 3 too).
* He wants Seagate to help facilitate content distribution. Putting all movies from, say, a movie studio and put them on a hard drive.
* He says he doesn’t shut down his PC and explains why toward the end of the video.

Sorry about the audio on me (you can hear Bill just fine, but hearing me is a bit tough). This should be the last interview that gets up that was done with one microphone (I’m getting much better about using two microphones).

He’s pretty outspoken for a CEO, among the most interesting of all the CEOs I’ve interviewed.